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    Kai woke up seven hours later after what was a surprisingly restful sleep. Kai felt no shame in what he had done to the trainer he stomped off the boat because he felt he had saved his Sawk. While thinking of the Sawk, Kai walked out to the deck and summoned him from his Pokeball. When the Pokemon came out of the Pokeball he looked directly at Kai. Kai was sure that the Pokemon would attack him in a fit if rage because of what he did to his trainer. However, to Kai’s surprise, Sawk simply stared at him then got down on one knee and bowed to him. “Is this your way of saying thank you to me?” Kai was shocked because he definitely felt like everything was going wrong. He would never intentionally hurt another trainer or anyone for that matter. Though he felt he should be punished for such an act, instead he was being rewarded with the respect of the Pokemon he had “liberated” and that shocked him so much more. “Did I really do the right thing in such a wrong way?” The Sawk lifted his head and shook no to Kai as if to reassure his new trainer he had made the right choice. Kai looked down and then also dropped down to one knee to try and match Sawk’s eye level.
    “Hey, there is no need for you to bow your head to me, we are comrades, and we are equals. So rise up from your knees and stand next to me, now and until we liberate more Pokemon from their foul trainers.” Sawk let a tear slide out, but quickly wiped it away before rising to his knees. Sawk was truly happy even though he hadn’t officially been caught by Kai, his face showed lots of joy. Kai’s face showed a mixture of joy and discomfort. “I know what I did to save Sawk was the right thing to do, but could I possibly pull something like that off again? I won’t be able to keep stomping trainers of ships or cliffs. But the idea of liberating Pokemon definitely sounds good to me every time I think and talk about it. I may have been wary about joining Team Plasma before, but I definitely want to be in their group even more now.” “Is that so?” said a voice in the corner. Kai immediately turned around with a look of fear on his face as Sawk jumped in front of his new trainer and prepared to battle if called upon. Kai saw that it was just a small older woman with a wooden cane, gray hair, star-shaped sunglasses that had purple around them. A cloak covered the rest of her small frame, but Kai still sensed a terrifying aura from her. “So you are thinking about joining Team Plasma, huh kid?” Kai shook his head yes and the lady simply smirked.
    “Don’t worry I won’t turn you in to the police or tell anyone your plan. I just wanted to see what kind of resolve you had. I saw just a small glimpse of it as you stole that Sawk from his trainer. I got chills, sonny boy” the lady started laughing to herself as Kai’s face became shrouded in despair. “She knows too much…I can’t let her stop me here…not when I have so much to lose and Pokemon to liberate.” Kai’s eyes turned as cold as they did when he stomped off the trainer. Sawk’s aura also chilled with his trainer’s aura. “Sawk use Karate Chop on that old lady to knock her out!” Kai said with great force. Sawk charged without a second thought at the old lady. “There goes that resolve that I really love to see.” said the old lady as she opened her cloak. Once the cloak opened, a ditto flew out and transformed into Sawk and blocked Karate Chop. Kai’s Sawk moves back to him and waits for Kai’s command. “You were goading me into attacking you, right?”Kai said as he put his arm in front of Sawk to stop any further battling. Ditto returned to his original form. “Yeah I wanted to see those chilling eyes of yours. You have some nice resolve there.” The old lady walked away with her Ditto.
    Just as Kai was about to give chase, the ship pulled into the port of Castelia City. There Kai returned Sawk to his Pokeball and then walked on to the pier. As he was walking off the ship, he noticed a strange individual walking towards him. Kai’s chilly aura returned, but was suppressed by the man walking towards him. “So are you the guy I should be looking for if I want to join a specific group of people?” Kai said as he waited for the man to respond back to him.
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