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    Interlude: Warming the Spirit

    [BGM: Memories of Home]

    "So? What did you learn from Master Ardan?" Misty asked as the group met in the inn's common room that night.

    "I learned three new spells--Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara." Ash replied before charging a red ball of energy. "Starfire, awake and--!"

    "Sea wind, attack with water's power!" Misty commanded, making the swirls in her armor glow blue. "Sapphire Tornado!"

    "Yipe!" Ash quickly stayed his spell and dove under a table in an attempt to avoid the whirlwind of water and sapphires that roared in his direction, only to emerge dripping wet some seconds later.

    "So THAT's why you are called an aura knight..." Janine gasped. "You channel the chi through your own armor--very clever!"

    "Not every element, just what we have trained to harness--in my case, I know how to harness the power of water as well as things derived from it, like ice and some healing magic." Misty explained.

    "But what about the glowing armor?" Now Dawn was interested.

    "The armor is made via a top secret process out of an enchanted material that channels magic." Misty explained. "I would tell you what the material was, but then I'd have to kill you." Nervous giggles filled the air. "So only a select few and their apprentices know how to make an aura knight's armor."

    "It must be an honor to make something like that." Dawn mused.

    "The way into the forest is locked by the same means that my home city's gates are locked--a singing crystal." Misty explained, changing the subject. "To open the door, the crystal is struck, and you have to either repeat the note that is struck or sing something in that key."

    Brock swallowed hard. "I have not sung in several days...."

    "Oh come now!" Kissa scolded. "Maybe if you warmed up a little, you would sound just fine!"

    Brock sighed, found his harp, and plucked a low D note, humming it to be sure he was in tune before singing Ah... up the scale. Next, he slowly repeated the phrase "Through darkest mists with stoutest boasts he thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts" a few times, getting faster each time.

    "Interesting means of warming up..." Janine was impressed at Brock's ability to repeat the phrase three times quickly without tripping.

    "The idea is to try and speak clearly, and tongue twisters are great for practicing clarity. If you trip, start again until you can say it quickly and clearly." Brock explained.

    "Through darkest dists--" Ash quickly started before trying again. "Through darkest mists with stousts--through markest---through darkest dist--AUGHHHH!!!"

    Everyone laughed. "Good try, though." Brock assured Ash, who was blushing a little. "Try starting slow and working your way up next time." With that, he resumed his warmup by humming a few arpeggios before making a few purring noises.

    "Yes, yes...just like me!" Kissa smiled, pleased that her master was back in form to sing.

    "Well! Someone left a drum in here..." Misty noted as she picked up a small frame drum that lay againt the wall by the table. "So if Sir Brock has his voice warm, why don't you try to sing 'Light at the Close of Day'?"

    "I know that tune!" Ash gasped before grabbing the Dreamer's Flute and beginning the jig in question as Misty provided the beat with the drum.

    [BGM: Light at the Close of Day]

    Un-oh-di-lay-oh, eh-ah-eh-di-dil-eh-oh-dil-eh-oh-ii-de-ah-dil-ah-ii-eh-oh..." Brock sang along, doubling the flute an octave below.

    "He's warm, all right!" Dawn smiled as she applauded when the tune concluded.

    "Now just a little humming in the morning and I'll be ready!" Brock assured the group as he made his way to his room for the night.

    To Be Continued...
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