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    Dude I like your monsters, whatever their called but you can do alot more with them Remember monster Rancher, that was kinda like a Pokemon knock off but it was still fun to play because it was different, what about Digimon how was that not a Pokemon knock off, yet again it was fun to play because they thought of innovative ways to take the Pokemon concept and make it their own.. You could really have a decent game on your hands, might be a gold mine but you are trying to copy Pokemon instead of making the Pokemon concepts your own to realize it.. Think on the idea because you have a great artist.. Now focus on new gameplay! No one want to catch em all anymore unless its a Pokemon game...

    Oh and BTW your violating copyright laws, They cant copyright their gameplay mechanics but they can copyright their art and your maps are clearly made with Pokemon tile designs I believe I told you this before...

    I will offer to design/develop and maintain your site for you. If interested drop me a PM
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