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    Grass: Meganium - It has a cool design, and is really strong. I think it's the best Johto starter!
    Electric: Raikou/Jolteon - I just love feline & canine-based Pokemon, so I couldn't decide between these two, they're both awesome!
    Water: Samurott - Before the 5th generation, Starmie was my favorite water Pokemon, but Samurott is just so great! It's a samurai!
    Ice: Glalie - I think this is the favorite ice Pokemon for most people. I don't know what exactly, but something about Glalie is awesome.
    Fire: Arcanine - As I said above, I love all canine-based Pokemon, and Arcanine is one of the best!
    Bug: Scyther - I like Scyther more that Scizor. The razor-sharp blades on its arms make him an amazingly design Pokemon IMO.
    Psychic: Mewtwo - Probably my favorite Pokemon.
    Ghost: Gengar - The funniest and coolest Pokemon ever xD What's there not to love about Gengar?
    Dark: Zoroark - I just love its design! And after watching the "Master of Illusion", I just couldn't help but love Zoroark more, how it bravely fought for her Zorua...
    Ground: Golurk - It's a giant, and its a Ghost! Golurk's awesome.
    Rock: Probopass - That stache! What else to say xD
    Flying: Braviary - The awesomest (I know it's not a real word xD ) flying Pokemon ever!
    Steel: Bronzor - Bronzor's funny. The screws under its eyes combined with the circle looked like a funny smile the first time I saw it, so I remember it like that. So every time Bronzor appears, it looks like it's smiling, so it's funny xD
    Poison: Nidoking - The KING of all Poison Pokemon!
    Fighting: Lucario - I know it's weaker than people make it look like, but I love its design.
    Dragon: Dragonite - I never had a team in any game without a Dragonite. I just love it.