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    An incredibly gory entry there. It introduced a new beast, the Element Monkey. There’s one for each Element (... of course) and all are pretty similar. I’ll be writing the entry for the Thunder Monkey, but please! Catch your own element monkeys. Everyone loves an element monkey.

    I was also wondering if I could get some feedback? I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. It's been a long time since I RP'd...

    Monster: Thunder Monkey

    Type: Thunder

    Weakness: Wind

    (S1) Appearance: Like all Element Monkeys, the Thunder Monkey looks similar to the Lion Tamarin. It is approximately 30cm long, excluding its tail. Element Monkeys have small, pointed teeth and sharp claws. The Thunder Monkey has stormy grey eyes, and electricity crackles from its bright yellow fur. Its tail can go completely rigid and act as a lightning rod. All Element Monkeys travel in packs, and have a ferocious and territorial nature. The screeching of a Thunder Monkey can attract thunderstorms.

    Screech Summon (Thunder): The monster screeches to attract a thunderstorm.
    Thunder Claw (Thunder): Electricity surges through claws which rake the opponent.
    Frenzy (Darkness I guess): When irate, the monster will attack relentlessly. This may result in recoil damage.

    (S2) Appearance: The Thunder Monkey has increased in size, now approximately two foot tall. Its fur now stands completely on edge, as though conducting static. The Thunder Monkey is one of the fastest moving Element Monkeys, combated only by the Wind Monkey. The Thunder Monkey is now capable of understanding all languages, but has only a basic intelligence.

    (S3) Appearance: The Thunder Monkey is now four foot tall, and heavy set. Despite this, it is still very agile. Its yellow fur is shorter, and its eyes give the appearance of shifting storm clouds. Its teeth are much longer and in some cultures, its tail is used as a power source. It is much more docile in this stage, and can speak basic human tongues. Its intelligence is increasing, but it will still resort to an animal instinct to protect its territory.

    (S4) Appearance: The Thunder Monkey is now a large ape, reaching heights of seven foot. It has much brute force, but is not easily provoked. However, staring into its ever-changing eyes will irate the Thunder Monkey into a frenzy. The monkey’s stare is used to lull its young to sleep, as well as captivate its enemies as a way of disarming them. The Thunder Monkey’s very hands crackle with electricity, and in poorer areas of the world their docile nature lends itself to become a power source. It is incredibly loyal, and very intelligent. It can speak most languages.
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