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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    You're setting the flag and hiding the sprite the wrong way round, for starters.

    Secondly, there's no need whatsoever for any script to deal with the after hiding, if you do it right. It's just completely unnecessary and wastes space in your ROM.

    By the sounds of it, you have already set the person ID to the correct flag, so I'd hazard a guess that "removesprite" either isn't the correct command (I don't know - never used that script editor, I'm an XSE man myself) or it's the first thing I suggested. The flag set and hide sprite are the wrong way round.
    Well I tried what you said (Moving the removesprite and flag comands around) but it didn't work =(. Everyone has suggested XSE and I think I will listen to them, how would you make the command in XSE? Cause I downloaded it and I have no idea what i'm doing.