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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    For a second language, you're English isn't that bad at all. Heck, there are plenty of native speakers that have (far) worse English grammar and spelling than you, so you should feel proud.

    Though honestly, I wasn't sure exactly where you were from. I learned something new today :D
    I guess I shall feel proud then c: thank you~

    And yeah… I'm an European, won't say which country though xD

    O-oh! Hope you get many edit button babies together :3

    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    This is beautiful.

    @PinkSapphire: Are a Youkai's powers nulled in their human form? By which I mean, the ones that won't obviously lose their tails, and so on.
    Youkai's can still use their powers while being in human form, the only difference about them is their appearence. Technically a Youkai can easely control a human form. But there are Youkai disobeying the rules and still showing obvious features that belong to specific Youkai, like a cat tail for Neko's.

    I hope I answered your question like this ^^



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