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Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
Exactly, thus they would constantly be expelling heat energy (the lollipop negates this). On further review of my post I also had my chemistry wrong. Objects don't absorb cold, they expel heat. Objects absorb heat. I believe this is called an exothermic reaction (expulsion of heat).
Yes, they do, but if you were to touch an object with a low temperature, it would, in turn, feel cold. Objects do indeed expel heat (if they have any to give off), but the heat expelled from a cold object won't exactly be the same as the heat of a warm object (if said object is expelling any at all). For instance, the a frozen cantaloupe will be cool to the touch, while a warm bottle gives off a much warmer heat; heck, you'd most likely even feel the cold exuding from the cantaloupe even before you touched it.

People work the same way (though these are youkai, so there's always the chance that they follow different rules in that sense). A good way to check is to, say, temporarily slow the blood flow to your hand. As the amount of blood getting to it decreases, so will the temperature. Touch it, and it will be cold. If you put your hand close enough to the cold hand, you may even feel the coldness exuding from it without touching it.
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