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Originally Posted by Zach View Post
Hmm, so my fingers are getting more used to typing on my tablet's physical kyboard. Though the only pet peeve I have about it is having to make certain punctuation such as an apostrophe or a tilde with the function key, unlike a normal, full-sized keyboard.
Not all keyboards are made equal, I suppose.

The Touch Cover attached to my Surface is more like a protective cover that happens to be able to be used as a virtual keyboard. Even though I can't feel the keys, I can type OK with it. I usually leave really heavy typing on my real laptop, so I didn't spend the extra money for the Type Cover, which is essentially "the ripped-out laptop keyboard".

One thing I do know, though - I really prefer my physical keyboards with full-size keys.

Originally Posted by Evil Stud Muffin View Post
Those small little horrors that are called keyboards are a mess for me. I literally prefer the notions of typing on the screen then on a small PoS just to say I have a keyboard. Once you learn the positions on the screen its a perfectly fine input method. Faster even if you know what you're doing.
I really like how software keyboards work in Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT. They're just large enough, and they predict input on the keystroke level before autocorrect kicks in.