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    Just a few questions/comments:
    1. Do you need Gym Badges to enter the Indigo Plateu Wars?
    2. Can you catch Pokemon in the RP?
    3. Aww... i was going to choose Ditto or Heracross.
    4. This looks pretty good but are we just going to take part in these wars all the time or is there going to be an adventure. It'd be cool if there was a whole region dedicated to these wars like a tournament. (Hint hint) Lol, J.K.

    Name: Wayne Rowley


    Gender: Male.

    Appearence: Wayne is short for his age, standing at exactly 5ft. He has a slim athletic figure and tall spiky, brown hair that curves backwards a little. He is usually dressed in a very dark blue Denim Jacket which he sticks the collar up on. He wares a white T-Shirt underneath his Denim Jacket and has a Gold Necklace-Chain around his neck. His slightly baggy Jeans are the same colour as his jacket and he hangs a silver Chain at the side that falls freely. He has a Begining Trainers PokeBelt to attatch Pokeballs too and wears Black gloves. The Cuffs on his Jacket are rather large. He has Pure white runnng shoes and eyes like really bright emeralds.

    Personality: He appears to be a very confident happy-go-lucky teenager with few problems and very good luck. But underneath he has a lot less confidence and luck than you might think. He can be cold to people and likes to be centre of attention. The main thing about his personality is that he personally 'Dumbs hiself down' and suprisies others with his vast intelligence and strategic plans. He never holds a grudge and is generally quite friendly.

    History:Descending from a line of Pokemon rangers, his family pressured him too become one. As he was studying for his Capture Styler he suddenly snapped and just jumped out of his window and ran away in protest. Out in the wild he made friends with a Pokemon daycare owner who eventually encouraged him to go home a year later. When he got back home he was physically abused by his new Step Dad(which led in his deep down lack of confidence). After hearing of the Indigo Plateu tournament and Professor Willow he immediatly left home.

    Starter: Well I was going to choose Ditto but I can't then I was going to choose Heracross and I also can't so I'll choose... Pineco Decide by tommorow.

    Other:Wayne was born in New Bark Town but when he was four his parents and he moved to Blackthorn City, Johto.

    RP Sample: (Sorry it's not very good, I had to find one quick.)

    Jimbob: Aboard Drifblim?

    Jimbob awoke finding that his new hot air balloon Pokemon and his Shuppet were charging at high speed towards a falling Gallade. The Pokemon laughed and Teleported. Shuppet and Drifblim both used a Shadow ball on the Pokemon and it fell to the floor.
    After the dust settled it turned out that Gallade had teleported just before Impact and landed safley next too a tall lankey boy about half a quater of a mile from Jimbobs location.

    "Wow, great job Drifblim, you've earned a rest...Return Drifblims basket!" shouted Jimbob. He pointed the Pokeball at his basket and returned it to Drifblims Pokeball. "Come on out guys, have a look a play!" Shouted Jimbob as he threw three more Pokeballs into the air. Out of the Pokeballs came the shiny Milotic, the beautiful Froslass and the Mighty Torterra.

    -10 Minutes later-

    "So, I take it the mob of trainers over there are here for the same thing as me, that guys got a Manectric! Cool!" Jimbob said to himself in a mumble. "Hey guys, we're heading over there! Where the Trainers are, let's go! Drifblim, Froslass, Torterra, Milotic... Return!" Shouted Jimbob as he returned his friends to their homes. He and Shuppet sprinted a full speed too the mob of Trainers.

    Kari: Yacht

    "AHHH!" Screamed Kari at the unexpected visitor. The Gardevoir had made Kari jump half a mile. "YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH! I CHOOSE YOU... QUILAVA!" Shouted the distressed Kari. The small Pokemon came out of its Pokeball and assumed battle posistion.
    "Quilava, get fired up!" Commanded Kari as her Quilava set itself on fire.

    "Quilava! Use Flame Wheel!" Kari shouted. Quilava generated a ring of fire around itself and takled Gardevoir, She dodged. "Now, use Flamethrower!" Quilava shot a powerful Flamethrower from its mouth. Gardevoir was hit by this one and teleported away.

    "Well done Quilava, we're here now anyway, Return!" she exclaimed happily. Quilava went back into its Pokeball and Kari released Rapidash from her ball. "Rapidash, take us to the group of trainers over there!" shouted Kari. She jumped on its back and put Charmander in the sadle bag. Rapidash jumped off the side of the Yacht and charged across the field.

    Rapidash, Charmander and Kari caught up to a boy who was running with a Shuppet.
    "Hey, are you here to see Professor Rotwood?" Kari asked the boy with incredibly spikey hair.

    "Yeah, I take it you are too? My name's Jimbob"

    "I'm heading there too... My name is Kari, do you wanna battle?"

    "Yeah ok then!" Agreed Jimbob, his face gained a somewhat scary, competitive grin.

    Kari Dismounted Rapidash.

    Jimbob and Kari: Four Island, BATTLE!

    "Three on Three Pokemon battle, no substitutes!" Shouted Jimbob

    "Ok then, come on out, Ninetails!" Kari shouted.

    "Niiine!" shrieked Ninetails.

    "Go, Milotic!" Jimbob shouted. He seemed do have an advantage here as his Milotic was water type.

    "Wooow! THAT MILOTIC IS SO BEAUTIFUL!" Kari screamed. All Milotics are beautiful but this one is Blue and Sparkly.

    "Ninetails, Extremespeed!" Kari shouted, the second she had finished shouting, Ninetails had knocked Milotic to the floor, there was a line of dust where Ninetails had just attacked. "Now Ninetails, Overheat!" Kari grinned. Ninetails glew red and let off lots of fireballs that pelted Milotic. Milotic... fainted!

    "See, type advantege isn't everything," Kari bragged.

    "No, Milotic was just worn out from swimming and battling Remoraids!" Jimbob laughed.
    "I choose you, Froslass!" Shouted Jimbob as the Ice Pokemon was released from its Pokeball.

    "Fro- Fross!" exclaimed Froslass excitedly. He Jumped on Jimbob and gave him an affectionate Ice beam.

    "Erm, Charmander, use Ember on Jimbob, he's a bit stuck..." Kari laughed nervously.

    - 1 Minute later -

    "Now, I will show you Type advantedge isn't everything. Froslass, use Hypnosis!" Jimbob said camly. Froslass approached Ninetails and shot Pink circles into her eyes. Ninetails fell asleep. "Use Dream Eater Froslass," he said smoothly.

    Froslass flew over the top of Ninetails and graciously did a back flip, she then started absorbing a black mist from Ninetails' head.

    "NO! Ninetails Return, Rapidash, Get'em!" Kari Shouted as the Rapidash -who was behind her- charged into battle. "NO WAIT, CHARMANDER COME HERE!" Kari shouted worriedly.
    Charmander jumped out of the bag and plodded into Karis arms, his red scarf blew in the wind as Kari picked him up.

    "Rapidash, Flamethrower!" she shouted as Rapidash spat out a large flamethrower aimed at Froslass.

    "Counter with Ice Beam!" Jimbob shouted. The Flamethrower met the Ice Beam but the Ice melted and Froslass was hit.f

    "Wow, you did Great... Return. I Choose you... Shuppet!" Jimbob told his Pokemon. Shuppet -Who was also behind his Trainer- was sent into battle. Kari laughed.

    "He's your choice, this'll be easy!"

    "Don't be so sure" said Jimbob "He is one of my strongest Pokemon and my best friend! Shuppet, Thunder Bolt!"

    Shuppets horn glew yellow and released Electricity at Rapidash. Direct hit.

    "Rapidash, Flame thrower!" Kari said angrily with flames in her eyes.

    "Shuppet, Shadow ball!"

    The Shadow Ball tore through the Flamethrower and his Rapidash heads on. She fainted.

    "Rapidash no!"

    "Yeah, nice one buddy!" Congratulated Jimbob.

    "GRR... Return Rapidash and go Magby!" Kari yelled.

    The little fire Pokemon released punched and kicked the air a few times and fell over. "Magby, get up and use Contest plan Alpha niner theta!"

    "What?" Jimbob asked.

    "He can't block it if he dosent know what's happening!" Kari thought to herself.

    Magby made four copies of itself with Double Team. They all Jumped and their fist set on fire. They all Punched Shuppet (Of course only one hurt him) and then the Magbys all gathered in a circle. They all combined an Ember attack and launched it at Shuppet.

    "Shuppet! Use Shadowball X5!" Jimbob shouted. The Shadowball produced was 5x as big as a regular one. The Giant Ember and Shadowball met in midair and exploded. Magby and Shuppet were sent flying. Both fainted with the giant explosion but got back up.

    "Shuppet," Jimbob laughed. "Use Recover!"

    "What no?!" Kari yelled.

    Shuppet closed his eyes and started too glow yellow. After He was fully restored the aura vanished.

    "Shuppet, use Psychic!"

    Shuppets eyes flashed Blue and Magby got a blue aura, he was picked up with psychic and sent smashing to the ground.

    "NOO, MAGBY!" Kari yelled as she returned it to its Pokeball.

    "Great Battle!" Jimbob said holding out his hand too Kari, she shook his hand.

    "So, let's meet the others," Jimbob suggested

    "Well we COULD of rode on Rapidash but she's out of commision."

    "I can fix this one... Go Drifblim and Basket!" Jimbob shouted as the Pokemon materilized.

    Jimbob, Shuppet, Kari and Charmander hoped aboard and at full speeed the charged towards the others. They made it in a couple of seconds and returned Drifblim too its Pokeball.

    "Hey everyone, I'm Kari from Five island... My daddy owns this Island and five island by the way," She bragged.

    "Hey i'm Jimbob from Mount Pryre in Hoenn, this is Shuppet!"


    They looked at One of the trainers he had all his Pokemon out, two of them were a Gardevoir and a Gallade.

    "HEY THAT GARDEVOIR/GALLADE ATTACKED ME!" They both shouted in unision.

    Jimbob won a battle.