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    Name: Cain Ritham
    Age: 15
    Gender: male

    Cain's pigmentation is pale yet he still retains some tan. His eyes usually put him off for people thinking he is an albino. Cain doesn’t watch his weight yet his body build up is still Slim. Cain brushes his teeth every day so you can see them white but still have some plack on them. Cain's head however is usualy covered with a black cap that has a circle on it. This usualy takes up the entire top of his head.

    Cain of course is seen wearing a black hoody that he bought when he started training. Underneath this is a white tank top that he washes every week. But only takes it off then. His pants are light jeans that get darker down to the ends of his legs. The belt Cain wears is a simple brown belt. The buckle is silver in color yet Cain doesn’t know if it is real silver. Down towards his feet he wears black socks with stripes on the top of them. His shoes are white sneakers with grey soles. The shoes have traces of blue in random places.

    Personality: Cain's personality is complex. When seen by strangers Cain will occasionally be shy to them and not show his face. He doesn’t care what other people think so he ignores any insults directed at him. When asked a very hard question it would take him longer then normal to answer it. This usually annoys people who want to ask him simple questions. In his free time Cain spends it by battling. This is his main hobby and timewaster. He is seen training with his pokemon or battling other pokemon.

    When in a battle Cain's personality would shift. He would try in any way to win. This would mean he would start shouting and getting riled up. This usually works since he trains with his pokemon a lot. A few times however he will lose. When this happens Cain will do anything to request a rematch. He hates losing more then anything at all.

    History: Cain's father was already an accomplished pokemon trainer. Who already made it to the leage and managed to become part of the elite four. But shortly after he retired and decided to pass all his trainer knowledge onto his son Cain. His mother was a breeder who spurned Cain's love for pokemon in the first place. Cain's father died however shortly before he was 12 years old after leaving on a fishing trip and didnt return. There were reports that he had been lost at sea.

    Due to this Cain decided that he would be a trainer in order to relive the memory.

    Starter: Totodile

    Other: Part of the group

    RPG Sample:
    The clock's red numbers changed from 2:40 to 2:41. It was AM and Cain was tired. His mom had told him to study as much as he could. But he didn’t think he should study this late. It was 2:41 AM and he was searching up information on rock pokemon.

    Let me see Geodude evolves into Graveler. Graveler can evolve into Golem.

    The picture on the next page had a picture of a Golem in a battle ready stance. He yawned for a very long time and continued to read.

    Golem one of the strongest rock pokemon has a very good fire resistance. It can resist even a Charizard's strongest breath and still continue to fight.

    Cain then closed the book that had the title "Encyclopedia of rock pokemon". He put it down and took the book "Encyclopedia of Fire pokemon." He looked at the heading Torchic.

    Torchic is chick pokemon. Because of its size it stays close to its trainer and fears most pokemon. However upon command Torchic can and will fight bravely. Once its relationship grows Torchic creates a bond between its trainers and may evolve. Then the page said See next page Combusken

    Cain closed the Encyclopedia and started to think. Torchic, the pokemon I asked Professor Oak for. He said that Professor Birch may have one and would ask for one. That was one week ago and maybe he will have it today. I hope that I can be a good trainer for it.

    The next day however Cain walked over to Professor Oak's house. He went to the professor and asked

    "I would like a pokemon Professor". He turned around with a grim look on his face. "I’m sorry Cain but something has happened. For absolutely no reason all the pokemon in the world have... passed on."

    Cain looked very dumbfounded. "WHAT???" Professor Oak went over to his computer. "look I got an email from professors all over the world. Their pokemon have vanished from the face of the world." Cain was still looking dumbfounded. But he knew this would not stop him. "Wait you mean the Torchic I requested is... gone?"

    Professor Oak answered "Yes i'm sorry". Cain then ran back to his house. His dream was shattered into a million pieces. But this would not stop him from traveling through Kanto. He went up to his room and put on his brown jacket. He zipped it up with the hood down. Then he went towards the Jeans he had placed on his chair the night before. He took off his sweat pants and put the Jeans on. With the belt all ready he went to his backpack. He placed a spare change of clothes and a few other possessions. Then he went to his dresser and took a bandana off it. It was a black bandana that he occasionally wore on his head. But now he decided it was time for a change. He put the Bandana on his neck and tied it on the back of his neck. Okay, I do not have any pokemon. But I wonder if there are pokemon still alive out there.. Then he took off his white socks and placed his black ones on. Then he took off the boots he put on and placed on his old sneakers. He had these sneakers for a month now and they were worn and broken in. After putting this all on he went to the 2nd floor stairs and started to walk down them.