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    OOC: And now to clear up some confusion:

    --Yes, you can catch out-of-region Pokemon. If I remember correctly, in G/S/C you can catch Murkrow and Houndoom near Saffron City...

    --About encountering Pokemon: You can encounter any Pokemon from any region, as long as the Pokemon might appear in whatever kind of area it is. You can catch something like Buneary or even Abra in Viridian Forest, but Goldeen in a desert...? Just use your common sense here.

    --About the Pokeball seals: Honestly, I really don't see why you need the seals to have certain effects happen when Pokeballs are released. I would think more that the Pokemon's powers make those effects happen. In other words, you can have your Pokemon come up with different styles of exiting their Pokeballs at any time.

    --About Pokemon Moves: I don't see how TM's can exist in real life... Instead, I'll be setting up tutors that can teach those TM and HM moves. You'll see what I mean later in the RPG.

    --Anyways, I think now it's time to travel.

    Ari began to feel a little uneasy at the sight of two of her fellow trainers arguing, but soon she saw all that as quite typical.

    Well, of course, Ari thought, in Pokemon Virtual, unless some of these guys are too stupid to have checked, Professor Willow left specific details about the journey in the email she sent all of us. And I believe one of those details said that we would all be traveling together? Honestly, I don't know why I decided to accept this, but I guess I'm not filled with disgust or anger like other... people... may... be... ...

    Ari looked down at the Puffly she just nicknamed Kawaine, still resting in her arms, as warm and sweet as an apple pie.

    "Ffwi ffwi fwwiiii..." Puffly started squirming around in Ari's arms.

    "Oh..." Ari then knelt down and set the Puffly gently on the ground. Then she patted Kawaine on the head a few times and began to stand back up.

    "Ffwi!" But then Kawaine jumped right back into Ari's arms, this time clinging tightly to her jacket.

    "Make up your mind," Ari demanded, though not sounding too offended. "What do you want..?"

    "Ffwi.. ii... puffwi..."

    "...Wait, what's what?" Ari tried to interpret the Puffly's speech, as her big brother Gon had once briefly taught her. "...'Go'? Umm, out there? A... circle. No, a... Kat and Chelsea and what's-his-name and what's-its-name? And... me? Umm, hugging? No, um... wait! You're saying we should all go that way!"

    "Ffwi!" Kawaine nodded.

    "Together!?" Ari clarified.

    "Ffwi!" Kawaine repeated.

    By that time, much of the group was staring at this strange conversation between girl and strange-Pokemon-from-another-region.

    "Umm, yes..." Ari began, sounding a little sheepish as she spoke to the group, "I think Kawaine--my Puffly--here says that we should be leaving now, and that we should be traveling together...? And I think... the email that Professor Willow sent us... told us that we'd all be traveling together? So are we, um, going, or are we tearing ourselves apart and ending up as enemies...?"
    Gosh, I WISH I didn't have to make that huge speech right now. I'd travel with them and all, but I'm not making any special relationship arrangements.

    "May I interrupt for a few moments?" Professor Willow announced. If one thing took Ari out of the spotlight, it was this.
    "To answer that elusive question about whether or not you are to travel together... The answer is, maybe. It depends. If you want to take a shot at winning the newly refurbished Indigo League, I would advise you to answer yes. However, another option is to find your way on your own all the way to Hoenn, where you can take a shot at the more ruthless Pokemon League for individuals. Quite a challenge if you're up to it, but I won't be able to help you get there. If you decide on that though, I'd say you may answer no."

    "...So then..." Ari stammered, "...umm..."

    Ari took a few seconds to try to make sense of what the professor was trying to say.

    "...What I'm saying is..." Professor Willow summarized, "that you may leave on your own now or work together for a chance at glory and betterment of your training skills."

    ~ ~ ~

    Whatever decision was made, the remaining group was now wandering along Route 2, the grass-lined path that led to the Viridian Forest. Past this way would be Pewter City, and the first gym battle. But that does not mean that the path to Pewter was a straight one. For Viridian City would be filled with trees and winding paths, and of course, tons of wild Pokemon and even a few other Pokemon trainers. It would be a forest of opportunity, but also one of challenge...

    OOC: You now have permission to catch Pokemon. Just remember that you only have two extra Pokeballs, so that's the maximum number of Pokemon you can catch. You can catch any kind of Pokemon in Viridian Forest as long as it might be suited to live in the forest. Just use your judgement here. You can even catch Pokemon on the Forbidden list now, as long as they're not shiny or legendary.

    A little forewarning: There is a high chance that I'll be unable to post until this Friday. Just be patient--depending on what you do in your posts, I'll set up something special for the group that Friday... so be ready!

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