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    Route 2

    The party of young Pokèmon trainers progressed along Route 2, just north of Viridian City. As the gang of youths left the run down semi-rural city they were happy to find that they were now in a beautiful countryside. The vibrant Green grass on either side of the path was beautifully mowed and the smell of freshly cut grass was hanging in the air like an invisible and beautifully scented smokescreen.

    The only thing that made the pleasant experience less enjoyable for Wayne was the stabs that Kat kept ushering at him. As much as he tried to suppress the anger she was causing. Although he seemed un-phased by the insults it did make Wayne more self conscious of his immaturity.

    There was a light sound of bird chirps from a flock of Tailow above. No one was making conversation so no one knew anything about each other, besides general personality. The gang was directly in front of the building that led into the vast Viridian Forest.

    Within seconds the trainers were surrounded by colossal trees overshadowing the forest floor. The canopies of the trees had many bug Pokèmon inhabiting them. A few Beautifly and Butterfree were performing a courtship dance overhead.

    “I’m going hunting for a Pokèmon, I’ll meet back with you later,” Wayne informed them. A couple of people gave an acknowledgeable nod and Wayne started to walk east. As he was walking he was confronted by many obstacles such as fallen trees and mud puddles.

    On his path he came across a wild Pokèmon. The Pokèmon was a small and Green spider like Pokèmon with only six legs, which were Yellow and Black. It had a face on its back; its head featured a horn, two eyes and two Red tusk like bones growing out from its face.

    “Perfect!” Wayne yelled. Trying carefully not to startle the Pokèmon; he slowly reached for his POKèVICE. He opened it up and pointed it at the Pokèmon; an image of the Pokèmon appeared on the POKèVICE screen. The cool female voice started talking.

    “Spinarak; the long leg Pokèmon. The web spun by Spinarak can be considered its second nervous system. It is said that this Pokémon can determine what kind of prey is touching its web just by the tiny vibrations it feels through the web's strands,” she said.

    “Ok, Pineco, come on out let’s go!” Wayne yelled as he threw the Pokè-ball at the floor. In a flash of bright white light Pineco appeared. It immediately turned around and gave Wayne a hug.

    “No Pineco; it’s a battle!” Wayne laughed as he placed Pineco down on the floor. Pinecos’ expression became more serious and he got ready for battle.

    “Pine! Cine!” he yelled as he leaned forward slightly, awaiting a command.

    “Ok Pineco, use Rapid spin!”

    “PINE!” he bawled as he launched himself and started to rotate as fast as possible at Spinarak.

    “Spin-ee!” it screamed. It released a white spider web thread, Stringshot, at Pineco which slowed his spinning down. He still collided with Spinarak and sent him flying.

    “Now! Pokè-ball Go!” Wayne yelled happily as he enlarged his Pokè-ball and threw the Pokè-ball at the happy faced spider. Suddenly Spinarak jumped up and used Stringshot on the Pokè-ball, rendering it useless.

    “No!” Wayne yelled as Spinarak made his great escape through some trees.

    “Oh well, let’s keep on going!” Wayne encouraged his Pokèmon.

    As they carried on, they found that the land underneath them was soft and muddy, they had entered marshland.

    Wayne failed to capture a Spinarak