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    OOC: Pichu was going to be my third Pokemon. Oh well. Let's begin.

    Viridian Swamp

    Wayne was up to his knees in swamp mud. The stench of the marshes was unbearable; it was so bad that a Muk was having the time of its life teaching its offspring how to swim in the stagnant water. They were currently resting on a log.

    “Here Pineco, these Oran berries are amazing!” Wayne exclaimed as he fed the little Blue berry to Pineco. Pinecos’ eyes widened as the berry passed the place where his lips would be. Wayne was currently trying to rip the silky spider web from around the Pokè-ball that had been aimed at Spinarak.

    After Wayne got used to the smell he and Pineco got up and started to head back towards the others, the PokèHunt had been unsuccessful. Wayne was dodging all the giant puddles of mud and trying to stop from falling because of the not-so-solid terrain; this was made harder by the fact he was holding Pineco therefore he couldn’t use his arms to balance.

    The duo were finally out of the swamp. It was then that they realised they were being followed. Wayne turned around to find a short Blue Pokèmon with Orange cheeks. It had Yellow eyes with dark grey circles surrounding them. Both of Its hands were grey with three fingers each, one of which had finger Orange finger in the middle. It had two white stripes around its chest. Its mouth was open in a goofy sort of grin.

    “Hello little guy, how long have you been following us?” Wayne asked the small Pokèmon. The little blue frog type Pokèmon looked up at Wayne with a fixed and unnerving face.
    It was a few seconds before he actually made a noise, before that Wayne was quite unnerved by the Pokèmon.

    “Croa,” the Pokèmon said quite slowly.

    “Oh, Ok?” Wayne said as he bent down to get a closer look at the Pokèmon. He took out his POKèVICE and pointed it at the Pokèmon.

    “Croagunk, the Poison Dart frog. Croagunk has poison pouches in its cheeks. It stabs its fingers which are oozing with a powerful poison into the unguarded areas of its foe. It makes an unpleasant sound by inflating and deflating its poison pouches too frighten the foe. It is somewhat slow witted and likes to do things at its own pace.”

    “Wow, Croagunk-” Wayne started, but he was interrupted by a loud buzzing noise. The noise came from a swarm of giant Blue Hercules beetle Pokèmon. They swooped past and stole Pineco right from Waynes arms.

    “PINECO, NO!”


    The POKèVICE identified these Pokèmon as the Bug/Fighting type, Heracross.

    “PINECO!” Wayne cried again. Suddenly another Heracross swooped down and tried to grab Croagunk, but even though he is supposed to be slow witted, he obviously wasn’t in battle as he quickly dodged to the side and his hand glew light purple. Croagunk stabbed Heracross with his hand. Herracross fell to the floor on his back and started to shiver every few seconds. He had been poisoned.

    “Wow Croagunk!” Wayne congratulated. But Waynes attention shifted to Pineco.

    “What can I do?” he said to himself desperately.
    “Pineco, Rapid spin!” Wayne shouted to Pineco. But he couldn’t spin dew to the fact that Heracross was holding him tightly. Suddenly the POKèVICE started to beep. He opened it up and there was a picture of Pineco.

    “Pineco learned Selfdestruct,” the voice said.

    “Perfect, Pineco use Selfdestruct!” He yelled out of desperation, knowing it’s bring Pain to Pineco also. He started glowing and screeching.

    “PIIIIIIIINE!” it started, but as it was at point of explosion it shouted “CO!” and in a giant flash of white light and a loud bang Pineco had performed a kamikaze explosion that took Heracross with it. As the two bugs were plummeting to the floor, the Alpha male Heracross, which was significantly larger, caught the unconscious Pineco.

    “PINECO! Wait, why didn’t I think of this before?” Wayne asked himself. He let out a sigh of relief. He pulled out a Pokè-ball and pointed it at the Heracross and Pineco.

    “Pineco, return,” he said calmly as he returned Pineco to its spherical home. “Have a good rest Pineco, you’ve earned it.”

    The Heracross hovering in the air was furious and it swooped down to attack Wayne with a glowing Megahorn. Wayne closed his eyes out of fear, preparing himself for the upcoming pain. But there was none. As Wayne slowly opened his eyes he saw Croagunk vigorously attacking Heracross with an Egg move that he can learn called Dynamicpunch. A powerful but low accuracy attack that causes confusion to the victim.

    Heracross was lying on the floor unconscious and all the others had dispersed. Croagunk was very powerful.

    “W-wow Croagunk?” Wayne said amused.
    “You saved me,”

    Croagunk scratched his head lightly and smiled larger than usual.

    “Would you like to come with me?” Wayne asked gently. Croagunk gave another one of his stares at Wayne before he nodded.

    “Croooa,” he said slowly and happily. Wayne held out the Pokè-ball that he had freed from the Spider web and Croagunk poked it with his Orange finger. He was suddenly turned into a red bright light and sucked into the Pokè-ball.

    “Ok, I caught a new Pokèmon!” Wayne yelled as he released his new friend from its Pokè-ball. “Come on buddy, let’s meet with the others and get Pineco to a Pokèmon Center,” Wayne said as he smiled at Croagunk.

    They both started walking East out of the marshland and then located the others. Where Kat, Cain, Ari and Chelsea were anxiously awaiting his return.

    Wayne caught a Croagunk.