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    Here's my main application. Assuming the advancement thing is the same, I'll be using a fighter.


    Character Name: Shinji Chozu and his dragon Roshi
    Nicknames: Cho, Shinjo, Dragon boy, Handsome

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Class: Wyvern Rider

    Appearance: Shinji is a handsome young man. He stands at 5'11, just about average height, and weighs about 230 pounds. He has a muscular build, wide shoulders, and tanned skin. His face looks like it was crafted by the gods themselves. His eyes are a deep green, and his hair is long, shaggy, and black, and usually has random spikes sticking out here and there. It typically hangs down to his shoulders. Outside of battle, his usual apparel consists of a tight-fitting black tunic, tight fitting black trousers with a belt, and a headband wrapped around his forehead. He usually has his massive axe hanging in a belt loop. When he goes into battle, he wears light iron plate armor that's not heavy enough to hinder Roshi's flying, but heavy enough to block most arrows and durable enough to survive a direct axe blow. It also fits tightly. He wears a helm with wings jutting out from the side. He normally wields his axe in one hand and carries a light metal shield in the other.

    Personality: Shinji is a good natured fellow, preferring a lot of jokes and pointless shenanigans to battle and conflict. He never hesitates to make a clever joke, or a terrible pun, even in the darkest times. He loves to lighten the mood. When he isn't cracking a joke or cracking some skulls with his axe (To be named later), he's picking up the ladies. He has no shortage of fangirls, seeing as he's dashingly handsome and funny and he rides a friggin' dragon! What's not sexy about that?. He is a mighty warrior, despite his happy go-lucky attitude. If there is anything that he loves more than a good joke, it's feeling like a hero. Anytime he gets a chance to prove himself to others, he takes it. He wants to be the one to save the world, the one who brings down the very face of evil itself, though he knows that he won't be the one to do so. Contrary to popular belief, he CAN be serious, although it's extremely rare. Even in battle he laughs and has even counted how many guys he killed, just to show off. The only time he's serious is when he is clearly outmatched, or more specifically when he fights Mantaketes. He's always had a fear/hatred of them because they killed his father.

    History: Shinji was born on the glorious continent of Ylisse.


    Name: Roshi
    Nicknames: Big guy, Buddy, Rosh

    Code: Checkmate, mutha ****a!
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