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Name: Maxwell Treesparrow
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Class: Pegasus Knight


Appearance: This guy could easily make you think of a dangerous but beautiful lionfish. He has hooded gray eyes that are like two windows looking out on an overcast sky. His luxurious, straight, chestnut hair is medium-length and is worn in a bizarre, elegant style. He has hollow cheeks and knobby ears. His face is overall roundish and a small scar decors the middle of his nose.

He has a masculine build. His skin is very white (think: peachy-kind-of-white). His body is well built and his a slender and sort of wide man. His height is of 6ft, while his weight is of 110lbs.

His wardrobe consists mostly of clothes he can wear on his everyday basis, as well as during his training lessons with his pegasus.

Firstly, a tight black shirt with no sleeves. A black leather vest over it. Regardless of it being cold, or hot, you will see a deep sea-blue scarf around his neck. A golden bracelet with wings craved on it embraces his left wrist, and his pants are about any other pants you see on your regular Ylisse folk. They're also black, if you were wondering, which, by the way, you are... Finally, his shoes are, you guessed it, black! Dude loves the color black, by the way.

Personality: A mildly pessimistic guy… and by that I mean he’s pessimistic as folk. Creative in a sense that makes him sound somewhat silly when he shares his "ideas". Ambitious and assertive. Somewhat aggressive on the surface, but quite inquisitive underneath.

He’s very good in battle, oh yes, of course! His skills exceed those of the legendary King Marth, if he does say so himself! He might actually be the very best unit of his generation! …Or so he’s told by his high self-esteem. He’s probably the worst unit that has ever lived. Seriously, people prefer to run away yelling like crazy rather than joining him even for a spar match... Is he that clumsy in battle? He swears all of the accidents that happen in the battlefield when he's around are only 20% intentional!

If angered, he shall be the personification of douche. You seriously don’t want to talk to him when he’s being all dorky and douchey. Seriously. Just don’t. You’ll regret it if you do. He likes to yell at people when angered. Apparently that way he will always be right. He’s one of those people that think their opinions are more important if they raise their voice. Go figure…

Rather paranoid at times. He shall always keep his lance hidden somewhere in his clothing… or in his Pegasus' saddle… A smart guy, who can be disliked with ease if encouraged to brag about himself. Should you actually dare do that, then you would be in for quite an annoying ride…

His bloody accent is ser’sly bloody awesome in erry’ bloody way im’ginable, ye’ guys! You should actually expect him to talk like that.

History: Dear sweet home Ylisse, where the skies are blue and people worship the Divine Dragon, Naga. A clerk of a small shop sold potions, and an unexperienced sage cured those in need. Their paths crossed when the clerk ended up experimenting with his potions, injuring himself severely in the process.

He would have died, had she not healed him in time. They fell in love at first sight. Probably the cheesiest way possible, indeed. Regardless, they proved to be a very happy couple with a regular lifestyle, regular jobs, and a regular life in front of them,

Both of them were soon blessed with a child. They were as happy as could be. He could be a knight, a wyvern rider, and, oh my goodness, even a Great Lord! So much high-hopes were in their minds for this little fella'!

But then, one day, they met Vivianne. It was nice that she and Maxwell got along and all, but... She's a Pegasus. There is no such thing as a Male Pegasus Rider! The mere thought of it is... utterly ridiculous!

Trying to separate them both soon proved to /not/ be an option... They eventually had to accept the fact that their son was looking forward for an odd class of job. This was also accompanied by huge disappointment... It seemed the next Great Lord of Ylisse wasn't going to be Maxwell.

Serious training began for him at the age of 16, when his parents managed to purchase him a lance with which they could both practice. Their skills and synch were virtually non-existent at that time. There not particularly great as of now, but they like to think they've gotten a lot more better by now... This is probably true, seeing how they were recruited by the prince to join the sheppards... Whatever that meant. It apparenty has nothing to do with sheeps....


Name: Vivianne
Gender: Female
Appearance: See image below:


Personality: A strong, calm and gentle creature. Cheerful and graceful. Protective of her owner. Dislikes to fight, but is always willing to take Maxwell on her back across the battlefields. When happy, her wings shall spread creating an U shape. If enraged (which shall rarely happen) she will spread her wings created a perfect, horizontal line. During this state she will not obey Maxwell's commands, and shall act recklessly out of sudden stubborness.

History: It was a dark and stormy night. Actually, no. It was just your regular day at Ylisse. A young, winged stallion galloped and flew across the open fields. A young male watched in awe as he, out of stupidity, approached the majestic creature. Eyes glimmering under the bright sunlight as he projected a wide smile with every step he walked towards the Pegasus.

Long story short, he got his butt kicked by the startled creature. His scar in his face showed up for the first time, first as a severe wound, but slowly becoming less visible. The formidable creature followed him around while his parents took care of the wounds. They would chase her away, but she would come back after a while. They eventually stopped caring about her visits. The twosome became very close as time went by. Needless to say, becoming a Pegasus Knight was the only thing Maxwell wanted to be.


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