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Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
Thank you. I have another question now. When I cross the border to another map, an event from the first map is duplicated. The person then disappears when I walk farther away and reappears when I go back. I don't know what happened... Can this be fixed?
It's the same with tilesets, you shouldn't put the events at the sides of the maps when's there's a connection or that will happen.

Originally Posted by Glitchfinder View Post
I have an... interesting question. If I manually expand the number of bytes in a ROM, (say, double them), add data to the new area in the ROM, and then create an ips patch of that ROM, will someone be able to successfully patch that onto the original game's ROM? (For example, if I did it to Firered, would someone be able to do it to patch it to firered and play it?)

Also, I was wondering if anyone had a list of the Hex numbers of all the attacks in the Advanced generation. I can't find that anywhere, even at places with hex numbers for everything else.
If you increase the ROM size it won't be changed if you make a patch and patch it on a Fire Red ROM. The changes under 16MB will be applied on the ROM when you patch it.

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