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Heya Mew! Super cute username, I love Mew! :D All you need now is an avatar of a shiny blue Mew.

Like our amazing members said, anything related to hacking would fit best in Emulation. Since you've been working on it for a while I assume you've made some progress, how's that going so far? 3rd gen hacks are my favorite so I'm glad you're creating one of those.. gets you brownie points from me, hehe. Just some advice: if you're looking for a team to help you out with your game, check out the Team Discussions subforum Emulation. Can also check out the Tutorials subforum for help with all sorts of hacking-related guides, ooor maybe look at the Toolbox for mods and other neat add-ons to your hack. Plenty more where that came from so good luck around the section and getting your game published.

What other interests do you have besides hacking? We have it all here pretty much; there are sections for pretty much everything around PC, including off-topic things like clubs and forum games. Hope you settle in good and end up making a tooon of friends! Who knows, maybe in due time you're going to be teaching others how to hack, right?

Have a wonderful time around the board! :)

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