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    Originally Posted by Janp View Post
    If you cheat them in on appropriate level and legal moveset/stats, I don't see a problem with that.
    Alright, thank you, that makes my life much easier :D

    I'm gonna go ahead and start the soulsilver run now :D


    -Did the opening stuff, caught an Omanyte and Kabuto (which was WAY harder than i wanted it to be ((used like 15 poke balls to catch the two of them, and had like....enough money for 3 extra potions because of it)) Omanyte's name is Camden, and Kabuto's name is Aurora (i forgot to nickname the Kabuto when i caught her cause i was so excited i caught a female kabuto >.<)
    -Realized that the bellsprout tower was going to be a nightmare like no other. Quietly cried myself to sleep in the bed at home :P
    -So, in character time now. Camden and Aurora have been with me since i was a very little child, and we have a very strong bond to each other, as we've been together for a long time.
    -Made it to Violet City with easeee (resisting every type on a route sure makes for an easy time)
    -Saw the bellsprout tower and shuddered with dread. All....those....grass...types...
    -Went into the tower cause i really had no other choice. I am prepared to white out a great many times against the great grass types...
    - # of white outs in bellsprout tower: 2
    - Trips to the pokemon center outside of whiting out: 7
    -Camden in particular was a sitting duck until he learned bite at level 7, cause constrict might as well deal negative damage.
    -I hate bellsprout with a BURNING PASSSION!
    -((ooc note: i did some research on the evolutionary stones and the three i need (fire, thunder, water) are only attainable before kanto via the bug catching contest or a pokegear phonecall, both luck based, so if i dont get one from the bug catching contest, can i cheat them in to make my life a lot less RNG based?))
    -BEAT the sage at the top. Thank the stars for withdraw making it so that vine whip could only deal 4 damage after two withdraws, meaning i could beat bellsprouts. Man, that was rough.
    -Went to the gym, and it was pretty easy (resistance to flying+normal ftw) although I did gain a new-found hatred for sand attacking Pidgey's -_-"
    -Also roost spamming Pigeotto can die in a fire -_-
    -Beat Falkner though!
    -Got the egg from prof. Elm's assistant.
    -Met a Porygon by the name of Paladol, who asked for me to train it and make it stronger, cause its programing told it it needed to become stronger, but couldn't manage it on it's own. I, naturally, agreed.
    -And that's where im calling it a day! :D
    -I'll add team info next update.
    Ongoing Challenges:
    Pokemon White Random Pokemon Challenge: 0/8
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