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    Day 2: I only played for a little bit. I went to visit Bill at his house north of Cerulean City. After that,
    I went through Diglett Tunnel to get to the house on Route 2. There, I traded my Abra for Marcel, the Mr. Mime.

    Day 3: I played for a very long time today. I tried to lead with Marcel as much as I could, so he could get some levels. In Kanto, where there are poison types everywhere, Mr. Mime holds his own. With just Marcel and Peri (the Venusaur), we played through two more gyms and all the story events necessary to get the Pokeflute. The flute allowed us to get past Snorlax and get a Super Rod. That allowed us to fish up Seaking in the badge check area south of Victory Road. It also allowed us to get a Poliwhirl in Celadon to trade for Lola, the Jynx, in Cerulean. We advanced to Fuchsia and just barely beat Koga. I got Surf in the Safari Zone and set off to get the rest of my team. We caught Electabuzz at the power plant, and we caught Staryu in Seafoam Island. To catch Chansey, I used the "Fight Safari Glitch," which allows you to fight/capture Chansey on Cinnabar Island in normal combat. I also used the "Old Man Glitch" in order to duplicate some TMs. I have to stop there for the night, but I did raise my team to about level 40 before quitting.
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