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Finally started 2nd run and it has RIDE!!

Story and stuff:
This time I decided to take screenshot after every Gym, so it will be mostly only thing that will cover this run. Just few notes:
- I hacked lvl 5 Tangela as my starter
- I solo'd with her for 3 Gyms and overtrained her a little bit
- I skipped some parts of the story to get Hitmonchan earlier and used him in 4th Gym Battle and whole Team Rocket storyline
- I caught Horsea right after getting Poké Flute and used him as Seadra in 5th Gym Battle againts Sabrina

And finally, screens from Gyms:


F, Mild, Chlorophyll, lvl 45
- Bullet Seed
- Poison Powder
- Sleep Powder
- Ingrain

M, Careful, Keen Eye, lvl 39
- Sky Uppercut
- Ice Punch
- Pursuit
- Fire Punch

M, Brave, Poison Point, lvl 40
- Water Pulse
- Twister
- Smoke Screen
- Agility
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