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Hey everyone! I had an idea to host special games each month. The idea is to have games that are slightly different from the norm, or games with specialized setups.

I decided to have the Grand Idea game to kick things off for April, and with that game ending soon it will be perfect timing for this month's game!

Although I don't plan on having games as complex as Grand Idea every month, I'll still try to host things that people might be interested in. I have a few things in mind already, but feel free to post suggestions here too!

Current plan for this month:
This month's game: WitchHunt

Signups begin: June 18th

In a game with no hints, no reveals, where most roles have a chance of being either alignment... where even the dead players still have a stake in the game...

Put your deduction and hunting skills to the test - do you have what it takes to figure out who's telling the truth and who's a witch?

Coming soon to an Underground thread near you...

Last month's game:
A series of 5-Player Vengeful games

Info about the game:

Setup: 3 Vanilla Townies, 1 Mafia Goon, 1 Mafia Godfather

How the game works (game mechanics):
- There are no night phases (no mafia kills, Day phases only)
- If a Vanilla Townie is lynched on D1, they become Vengeful and must choose someone to venge-kill
- Town wins immediately if the Godfather is lynched (but not if Godfather dies from venge-kill)
- Mafia wins when they equal/outnumber town and the town doesn't have a venge-kill to use

Other game info:
- Days will last either 72 or 96 hours (since this game centers around discussion in the thread, 48 hours seems too short imo - either way, games would only last a little more than a week or so)
- I was thinking of holding 3 separate games since the games are so small, alternatively I could do the 7 player variation instead but from what I can remember that variation is imbalanced?


Ideas for future months:
- Kingmaker
- ??? (for June or July)
- A variation on Johnny's Basic Werewolves setup

What do you guys think?

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