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Posted April 14th, 2019
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As if Pokémon Stadium wasn't hard enough as is.

Also, curious as to how you'd use a transfer pack on an emulator? Is that a known thing?
The only emulator I know that can’t use the transfer pack is the 1.6 version of Project 64. Later versions can have transfer pack compatibility, and I do believe many other N64 emulators have it as well.

Gotta have the rby files, the emulator with a transfer pack plugin, and you’ll be able to use cartridge Pokémon in Pokémon Stadium Kaizo.

Notably, Poke Ball and Great Ball difficulties in Stadium Kaizo Round 1 are roughly as hard, if not harder, than Round 2 Ultra Ball in the original Pokémon Stadium. Kaizo Ultra Ball, let alone Kaizo Master Ball R1, might be harder than the Nintendo Cup 97-98 rounds in the Japanese versions of Pokémon Stadium.

You don’t even want to imagine Kaizo Round 2.
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