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In the distance
Across the meadows I see
A forgotten stream;
All in pieces
Comes my times of grief.


-Yamato no Senji


The young woman in a clad kimono, wondered the streets of Rustboro. She herself had just left the famous lab of the good professor, holding what it looks like a small spherical container - it could only be a Pokeball. She held it firmly, yet motherly, as a mother would care for her newborn.

Her Pokemon was an Eevee, a small four-legged creature she named Kouzeon. Eevee had a mysterious biology; it had the power to adapt to it's surroundings, and evolve to many pokemon. She remember reading about it, but wasn't really sure what kind of training to give it. In fact; she didn't know what kind of trainer she would be. Aura was a keen interest, so perhaps she might consider perusing it... it was the least she could do for the good professor. Plus, it'd be interesting to see where it would take her life.

Her life was finally her own. The air smelled... cleaner. Fresher. She seemed to be finally free... Like a rose that just bloomed in a foreign land.

The rose that is Kagura Akagi.