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Posted June 8th, 2019
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As Long As There is a Dawn

The morning had come so slowly that Akiru had to wonder if the Legendary Dialga was rewinding the clock; in other words, he couldn’t sleep. Perhaps it was due to the excitement that the next morning would bring, or perhaps it was the unsettling stillness that came with sleeping in this hotel’s stiff bed. Growing up on an island made of logs, he was used to the gentle swaying of the ocean’s waves causing his home to rock delicately. It was a gentle swaying, hardly even noticeable after so many years, and yet, throughout the night, its lack of presence is unbelievably unsettling.

Until finally, the sun rose into the sky, covering Rustboro in the light of a new day. Akiru set out, stiff from the night’s exploits, yet determined. It was still early, thus he decided to explore the city a bit before heading to Cyprus’ lab. He had never been to Rustboro, heck, he had never been to a city with...roads. The streets were flooded with people and Pokemon, more people and Pokemon than he had ever seen in one place. It was both invigorating...and off putting. He was quickly coming to learn that he was not a fan of crowds...Then again, he didn’t come to this place to become a bothersome tourist, he came to receive a Pokemon, and uncover the secrets of aura...whatever that was.


Once more, Akiru found himself walking the streets of the unfamiliar city, though this time he held a Pokeball tightly in his hand. It never ceased to amaze him how much power these tiny spheres can hold; within it is a living, breathing creature, a Pokemon...his Pokemon: A Rockruff, whom he decided to name Fenris almost immediately. The ball began to shake delicately, which made the stone-faced teen crack a small must be boring in that little ball, no matter how fascinating it seemed from the outside looking in. “Alright, come on out, Fenris.”

A burst of light poured from the Pokeball, taking the shape of a fuzzy brown puppy, who let out an excited yip to his new trainer. Tail swishing, the Pokemon lunges towards its trainer’s chest, yearning to be held. As Akiru clutches the rock type in his hands, he quirks a brow in question. “I thought you wanted to run around.”

His statement is answered by pleading eyes, and a paw delicately pressed against his nose. The stoic face that he had been perfecting for the last five years didn’t stand a chance, and once again melted into a small smile. “Fine. You win this round.” He agrees as he props the pup onto his shoulder.