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Mauville City - May 3rd 2021, Monday


Gabby's voice rang loud through the halls of the Hoenn News Network building. Ty shrank down in his seat. Oh boy. She only said his name that loud and excited when she had super juicy news going on. Which meant they'd have to travel, more than likely. By pokémon, most likely. Just thinking about it made him feel sick.

His reporter partner stormed in through the door to their shared office. "You won't BELIEVE what has just happened! What a scoop! But we might be too late!"

She started rummaging around the messy office, to find her notebook, her sunglasses, her favorite muff for the microphone.

"What happened?" Ty dared to ask.

"A LEGENDARY POKEMON ATTACK!" Gabby exclaimed, turning to him with the most shining eyes he had ever seen her have.

"Wow, that sounds... dangerous? Where? Are people okay?"

"Rustboro City! Just got word from somebody named professor Suppress there. Rustboro was never great with quick exciting news, so if we go with Anglethorn we might just- Oh, don't give me that groan! You know we have to be quick! Hoenn isn't small."

"It's not small enough," Ty grumbled, but started gathering his camera gear up. Off they go.

Rustboro City - May 3rd 2021, Monday

Gym leader Roxanne was riled up. She was usually seen as cool and hard as the rock types she trained, but her town had just been demolished and she had been so caught up in her research that she hadn't even bothered going outside and help out. That truly disturbed her. Slightly ashamed, she now hid in the Rustboro Public Library rather than be out on the streets trying to rebuild things or help people. Others did that. Roxanne could do what she was best at - gathering knowledge. She would get to the bottom of this - no way she would give Steven all the glory.

The north of the city was unaffected though. Route 115 was as calm as ever, with the small beach populated mostly by runners and surfers; the waters here on the northwest side of Hoenn were too cold and wild to be much enjoyed by casual beach-goers.

Alongside the beach was the well traveled path that ended at the beautiful Meteor Falls area. The falls themselves were hidden inside unstable caves, why parents always forbade their children from playing in the area. Or on the wild beach, for that matter. Yeah, Route 115 was not a playground.

Still, its seaside views were stunning for those with the presence to comprehend it. The vegetation was relatively sparse for being a Hoenn route, but there was still plenty of trees and bushes around where wild pokémon made their home. All in all, a great first route for trainers who wanted to prepare for the more challenging path through Meteor Falls ahead.

The wild pokémon found on Route 115 are:

- Sing
- Defense Curl
- Pound
- Play Nice
- Disarming Voice

- Peck
- Growl
- Focus Energy
- Quick Attack
- Wing Attack

- Growl
- Water Gun
- Supersonic
- Wing Attack
- Mist

- Growl
- Psywave
- Spite
- Astonish

- Gust
- Growl
- Leer
- Quick Attack

- Peck
- Growl
- Astonish
- Sing
- Fury Attack
- Safeguard

- Fling
- Fury Swipes
- Scratch
- Baby-doll Eyes
- Lick
- Fake Tears

- Tackle
- Camouflage
- Growl
- Sand Attack
- Double Kick

- Tackle
- Leer
- Arm Thrust
- Work Up

- Defense Curl
- Pound
- Foresight
- Endure
- Baby-doll Eyes
- Frustration

The professor has recommended you travel north rather than south from Rustboro. Partly because she doesn't think it's worth heading into the treacherous Petalburg Forest as a rookie (while the Meteor Falls can be unsafe if you stray from the outline path, it's at least not as much of an overgrown maze!) and partly because she doesn't think traversing Rusturf Tunnel to eventually soon reach the relative metropolis Mauville City is a good start to your journey to find the Aura within yourself and your connection with pokémon. Bottom line: go north, u haev no choice :]

Feel free to encounter any trainer you can imagine (well, reasonably so). It is however unlikely that you will encounter any of the NPCs and GM characters from Rustboro here at this time. Also, you may not encounter any gym leader or GM characters outlined in the opening post, obviously. Unless prompted by the GM!

Capture pokémon as you wish~

I encourage you to meet the other "Aura trainers" and build more personal relationships!

You might wanna grab some lunch, because we're entering the afternoon here. It is likely you will spend the night before/in/just after Meteor Falls.

If you decide to traverse Route 115 boringly quickly and just wanna enter the Falls already, let me know and I'll put that up too d: but. Boring. :D