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    Originally Posted by SapphireBlaziken View Post
    did you stick any tap on the board and then have to peel it off? it may be a wire problem. thats what im guessing, judging from these comments.
    Thanks for replying :)
    Ermm no, not that I know of. I made extra sure not to touch any part of the motherboard with any sort of force what so ever. I could have damaged the contacts but if I did the message would appear and the in game clock wouldn't work right?
    I've restarted my game and just seeing if the first oran berry you get has sprouted. If it doesn't work then oh well i'll just have to do without a milotic :)

    For Sapphire I know that there was a glitch where timed events wouldn't occur after the battery ran out and it could only be patched by linking with another GBA with emerald/FR/LG
    You could try it out if you have a friend with a GBA and a link cable?

    The Deoxys thing is sadly fake. The rocket launch numbers apparently only indicate how many weeks you've played and on mine it said launch no.9999 because of the internal battery running dry so it can no longer keep track.
    I think the white rock was there because I they meant to do something with Jirachi as it is a wish pokemon. I don't think it has anything to do with deoxys other than the fact it came from space unfortunately :/