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I... am -very- intruiged by this RP. I think there's alot of potential for really cool and interesting characters, though I have a couple questions before I dive in head-first;

Firstly, how is the RP going to be? Will it be sandbox, are you going to lead our characters together? Considering they could be on three seperate continents of the world, that might be a little tough.

Secondly, once they get a book, would they have -heard- of said book? Like, have heard rumors of it, or just... know what the powers/curse of it might be?

Thirdly, I was planning on snatching the Dark Legacy book, and I'm just wondering, would his ability to form weapons grow as time went on, so it'd only be really weak at first, or would it be at a fairly good level to start off with? Could I train to become stronger with my power? How quickly would the curse take effect? Like, would the friends/loved ones only start forgetting a couple things about me, like my favourite dish, or that I cleaned the stairs or something, and then after a long time (Days? Weeks? Months? Years?), they'd forget me?