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Posted February 24th, 2018
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I noticed you put new pokemons in the info for the final beta, does that mean you aren't planning on adding them until the very last release or are there some already in game? Like Magnezone or probopass? Also do you plan on adding mega evolutions?

EDIT: Also it would be nice if you changed the daycare south of Cerulean City to the daycare that we can breed eggs with? And do magma armor and flame body have their outside effects of cutting hatch time in half? I know the original FIreRed didn't.

Another EDIT: An item to switch a Pokemon's ability would be nice too. And are items like Choice band, and Choice Specs available in the game? I'd love to have that for one of my HM Slaves, that way he'd be worth training if all he had 1 good move and 3 crappy moves.

Another another EDIT: Would be nice if you increased the Power and accuracy of the HMs like how they were boosted in Gen 4 and up games. Fly 90 power, flash 100 accuracy, etc.

Bugs I found.

^ After opening up my Pokemon menu to switch my pokemon order I turned into one of the grunts. Stuck but with the help of an escape rope you're fine.

Something very similar happens after beating Atlas except after the fade out the screen tiles get all messy or something and you're unable to move. I noticed after beating Atlas that the same grunt turned into an odd lookalike so I took a screenshot. You can escape with an escape rope like earlier.