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Custom Orders: Open
Timezone: PST (GMT-8)
Hours: 5pm - 10pm daily. Periodically at other times.
OT: Effie (Sun/Y/AS) Rith (before reset & 4th-5th gen)
FC: 3711-7384-2220

Things to Note
11/24: 16 new event pokémon

-All the pokémon in this thread and more, in one easy-to-read spreadsheet here.
-Once Pokémon Bank is updated (est. January) I will be dropping support for 6th gen. In the meantime, I'll be trading both gens, but bear in mind from 7th gen I have no access to my 6th gen pokémon.
-Disclaimer: I clone my pokémon. If you are not okay with this, seek a different trade shop.
-I will not accept hacked pokémon. Please check your events and the powersave dates.
-My policy is I'll make nearly any trade, so long as it contributes to my thread in some way. That could mean expanding my event or shiny collections, or contributing to my breeding stock. I plan to do giveaways in the future but at the moment I don't have the extra time.
-I have a complete 6th gen living dex and can help out with your dex completion
-Users that leave me a review make the whitelist :)

Available HAs
(Only first evolution listed)
Gen 1
Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Oddish, Venonat, Abra, Machop, Grimer, Drowzee, Tangela, Eevee, Dratini
Gen 2
Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Hoothoot, Pichu, Natu, Sudowoodo, Murkrow, Girafarig, Pineco, Gligar, Shuckle, Sneasel, Swinub, Elekid, Magby
Gen 3
Treeko, Torchic, Mudkip, Poochyena, Ralts, Surskit, Shroomish, Whismur, Sableye, Swablu, Feebas, Duskull, Absol, Snorunt
Gen 4
Chimchar, Budew, Pachirisu, Buneary, Gible, Riolu, Finneon
Gen 5
Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Lillipup, Purrloin, Pansear, Tympole, Venipede, Trubbish, Minccino, Ducklett, Deerling, Foongus, Litwick, Cubchoo, Bouffalant, Rufflet
Gen 6
Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Bunnelby, Fletchling, Swirlix, Carbink, Bergmite, Tyrunt, Amaura

Available Pokéballs
All legal 6th gen pokéballs +
-Dream Ball: Nidoran♀, Eevee, Murkrow, Buneary, Finneon, Cottonee
-Fast Ball: Growlithe
-Level Ball: Mawile
-Love Ball: Mareep, Mawile
-Moon Ball: Vulpix, Aipom, Ralts, Shinx
-Safari Ball: Kangaskhan

Nickname (if desired):
Gender (may be declined due to gender ratio):
Pokéball (same):
Egg Moves:

> Detailed info on the IV Pokémon <

Bulbasaur Modest Chlorophyll
Tackle, Magical Leaf, Petal Dance, Amnesia

Charmander Adamant Solar Power
Growl/Scratch/Outrage/Flare Blitz

Charmander Adamant Solar Power
Growl/Dragon Dance/Outrage/Flare Blitz

Charmander Adamant Solar Power
Growl/Scratch/Outrage/Flare Blitz

Vulpix Timid Flash Fire /

Gastly Timid Levitate

Eevee Adamant Adaptability
Growl/Tackle/Tail Whip/Wish

Eevee Adamant Anticipation
Growl/Tackle/Tail Whip/Wish

Eevee Bold Run Away
Tackle/Tail Whip/Covet/Wish

Eevee Calm Run Away
Tackle/Tail Whip/Charm/Wish

Eevee Jolly Adaptability
Tackle/Tail Whip/Covet/Wish

Eevee Jolly Adaptability
Growl/Tackle/Tail Whip/Wish

Eevee Jolly Anticipation
Tail Whip/Covet/Charm/Wish

Eevee Modest Anticipation
Tackle/Tail Whip/Covet/Wish

Eevee Timid Adaptability
Growl/Tackle/Tail Whip/Wish

Eevee Timid Anticipation
Growl/Tackle/Tail Whip/Wish

Sneasel Jolly Pickpocket
Leer/Taunt/Icicle Crash/Fake Out

Torchic Adamant Speed Boost
Scratch/Growl/Baton Pass

Absol lv 1
Jolly Justified
Scratch/Feint/Sucker Punch/Play Rough

Fletchling Adamant Big Pecks

FletchlingAdamant Gale Wings
Flail/Roost/Razor Wind/Tailwind

Fletchling Jolly Gale Wings


Arbok lv 22
Mild Intimidate

Vulpix lv 1 (nicknameable)
Timid Flash Fire

Gastly lv 1 (nicknameable)
Timid Levitate

Wooper lv 1
Lax Damp
Water Gun/Tail Whip

Miltank lv 25 (nicknameable)
Bold Thick Fat
Milk Drink/Bide/Rollout/Body Slam

> Detailed info on the Event Pokémon <

10th Anniversary Bulbasaur Sassy lv 70 UT

Birthday Charmander Mild lv 40 UT

10th Anniversary Charizard Lax lv 70

GCA Squirtle Relaxed lv 10 UT

10th Anniversary Blastoise Modest lv 70

WORLD12 Pikachu Timid lv 50 UT
Sleeping Pikachu Relaxed lv 50 UT
McDonalds Pikachu Bashful lv 20 UT
10th Anniversary Pikachu Relaxed lv 70 UT
Colosseum Pikachu Careful lv 10 UT

Wish Chancey Sassy lv 5 UT

Happy Hour Magikarp Serious lv 1 UT
PC Nagoya ★ Magikarp Serious lv 99

VGC10 ★ Eevee Hardy lv 50 UT

Aldora Articuno Brave lv 70 UT
10th Anniversary Articuno Calm lv 70 UT

Aldora Zapdos Docile lv 70 UT
10th Anniversary Zapdos Modest lv 70 UT

Aldora Moltres Timid lv 70 UT
10th Anniversary Moltres Modest lv 70

Lance's Dragonite Docile lv 62 UT
Gamestop Dragonite Bold lv 55 UT
10th Anniversary Dragonite Lonely lv 70 UT

National Championships ★ Mewtwo lv 100 Naughty UT

Virtual Console Mew Gentle lv 5 UT
20th Anniversary Mew Bashful lv 100 UT
Susumu Mew Quirky lv 5 UT
Aura Mew Brave lv 10 UT
MYSTRY Mew Sassy lv 10 UT
M08 Mew Hardy lv 10 UT

Pokémon Bank Meganium Impish lv 50

Pokémon Bank Typhlosion Hasty lv 50 UT

Pokémon Bank Feraligatr Timid lv 50 UT

World Championships Crobat Timid lv 30 UT

SPR2010 ★ Pichu Jolly lv 30

10th Anniversary Umbreon Sassy lv 70 UT

PGL Delibird Calm lv 10 UT

Whitney's Miltank Impish lv 20 UT

Gamestop ★ Raikou Rash lv 30 UT
WIN2011 ★ Raikou Rash lv 30 UT
10th Anniversary Raikou lv 70 Timid UT

Gamestop ★ Entei Adamant lv 30
WIN2011 ★ Entei Adamant lv 30 UT
10th Anniversary Entei Adamant lv 70 UT

Gamestop ★ Suicune Relaxed lv 30 UT
WIN2011 ★ Suicune Relaxed lv 36
10th Anniversary Suicune Bold lv 70 UT

10th Anniversary Tyranitar Sassy lv 70

10th Anniversary Lugia Mild lv 70

10th Anniversary Ho-Oh Timid lv 70 UT

20th Anniversary Celebi Lonely lv 100
Pokémon Bank Celebi Sassy lv 10 UT
WIN2011 Celebi Naive lv 54
10th Anniversary Celebi Impish lv 70 UT
Jungle Tours Celebi Calm lv 10 UT
Colosseum Celebi Relaxed lv 10 UT

Berry Fix (SAPHIRE) ★ Zigzagoon Hardy lv 5 UT

Kimia's ★ Gardevoir Impish lv 50 UT

VGC09 ★ Milotic Timid lv 50

Wish Bagon Adamant lv 5 UT

Steven's ★ Beldum Naive lv 5 UT

Pokémon Rocks Metang Impish lv 30 UT

Pokémon Bank Regirock Hasty lv 50 UT
Pokémon Bank Regirock Lax lv 53
PokéPark Regirock Naughty lv 40 UT

Pokémon Bank Regice Mild lv 50 UT
Pokémon Bank Regice Naive lv 52
PokéPark Regice Careful lv 40 UT

Pokémon Bank Regice Quirky lv 50 UT
Pokémon Bank Registeel Jolly lv 52
PokéPark Registeel Sassy lv 40 UT

Galileo ★ Rayquaza Quiet lv 70 UT
15th Anniversary Rayquaza Jolly lv 100 UT

Tanabata ★ Jirachi Relaxed lv 10 UT
Gamestop Jirachi Serious lv 5 UT
SMR2010 Jirachi Quiet lv 13
Pokémon Channel Jirachi Brave lv 5 UT

Team Plasma Deoxys Hasty lv 100
Pokémon Ranger Deoxys Lax lv 50 UT
Doel Deoxys Bold lv 70 UT
Space Center Deoxys Naughty lv 70 UT

Sejun Park's Pachirisu Impish lv 50 UT

World Championships Lucario Adamant lv 30 UT

M18 Dialga Modest lv 100 UT

Gamestop ★ Palkia Mild lv 100 UT

Gamestop ★ Giratina Impish lv 100 UT

20th Anniversary Manaphy Modest lv 100 UT

20th Anniversary Darkrai Timid lv 100 UT

20th Anniversary Shaymin Timid lv 100 UT

M18 ★ Arceus Jolly lv 100 UT
MICHINA Arceus Adamant lv 100

M14 Victini Adamant lv 50 UT

Present Serperior Modest lv 50
Present (JPN) Serperior Lonely lv 68

Present Emboar Serious lv 50 UT

Present Samurott Careful lv 50 UT

Pokémon Scrap Keldeo Timid lv 15 UT
Gamestop Keldeo Timid lv 15

Gamestop Meloetta Quirky lv 50
M15 Meloetta Timid lv 15 UT

M16 ★ Genesect Hasty lv 100

GTS Vivillon Naive lv 12 UT
SUM2014 Vivillon Impish lv 12 UT

PGL Amaura Modest lv 10 UT

XYZ ★ Xerneas Timid lv 100 UT
XY&Z ★ Xerneas Modest lv 100 UT

XYZ ★ Yveltal Modest lv 100 UT
XY&Z ★ Yveltal Rash lv 100 UT

XYZ Zygarde Mild lv 100 UT

PC ★ Diancie Timid lv 50 UT

Harry Hoopa Timid lv 50 UT
Harry Hoopa Impish lv 50 UT
M18 Hoopa Relaxed lv 50

M19 Volcanion Modest lv 70 UT

Any I don't have (including alternate natures)

-Any shinies I dont have (preferrably unevolved).

-Any legit females in dream, level, moon, friend, lure, love, fast, heavy, sport, or safari balls not listed in my breeding section.
-HAs, in relative order of importance (may be any member of the evolutionary line):
Skrelp (Adaptability)
Skitty (Wonder Skin)
Hippopotas (Sand Force)
Scyther (Steadfast)
Slowpoke (Regenerator)
Staryu (Analytic)
Starly (Reckless)
Aerodactyl (Unnerve)
Corphish (Adaptability)
Zubat (Infiltrator)
Mienfoo (Reckless)
Nidoran (Hustle)
Carvanha (Speed Boost)
Snover (Soundproof)
Pancham (Scrappy)
Shelmet (Overcoat)
Alomomola (Regenerator)
Spritzee (Aroma Veil)
Karrablast (No Guard)
Qwilfish (Intimidate)
Scraggy (Intimidate)
Spiritomb (Infiltrator)
Togepi (Super Luck)
Cacnea (Water Absorb)
Lileep (Storm Drain)
Golett (No Guard)
Smoochum (Hydration)
Kecleon (Protean)
Klink (Clear Body)
Miltank (Sap Sipper)
Omanyte (Weak Armor)
Mankey (Defiant)
Taillow (Scrappy)
Tauros (Sheer Force)
Zangoose (Toxic Boost)
Anorith (Swift Swim)
Bergmite (Sturdy)
Wurmple (Run Away)
Elgyem (Analytic)
Caterpie (Run Away)
Corsola (Regenerator)
Farfetch'd (Defiant)
Buizel (Water Veil)
Sentret (Frisk)
Psyduck (Swift Swim)
Clamperl (Rattled)
Hoppip (Infiltrator)
Kricketot (Run Away)
Luvdisc (Hydration)
Cubone (Battle Armor)
Burmy (Overcoat)
Nincada (Run Away)
Glameow (Keen Eye)
Cranidos (Sheer Force)
Relicanth (Sturdy)
Goldeen (Lightning Rod)
Panpour (Torrent)
Pansage (Overgrow)
Woobat (Simple)
Torkoal (Shell Armor)
Tropius (Harvest)
Vanillite (Weak Armor)
Wailmer (Pressure)
Patrat (Analytic)
Barboach (Hydration)
Wynaut (Telepathy)
Blitzle (Sap Sipper)
Volbeat (Prankster)
Illumise (Prankster)


None yet

Completed Trade Archive
-Dream Ball Eevee --> Fancy Vivillon
-Shiny Pikachu --> SMR2012 Keldeo
-Shiny Luxray --> Aura Mew
-HA Budew --> SPR2013 Meloetta
-Shiny Blastoise --> Oblivia Deoxys
-Shiny Togekiss, Shiny Hariyama, Shiny Spinda --> Susumu Mew, M14 Victini, 10th Ann. Articuno
-Shiny Shaymin --> XYZ Xerneas
-Shiny Bulbasaur --> Shiny Wooper
-Shiny Deoxys, JPN HA Present Serperior --> SPR2013 Meloetta, Steven's Beldum
-Shiny Registeel, Mewtwo --> XYZ Xerneas, XYZ Yveltal
-5IV Heavy Ball Aron, Shiny Fletchling, Shiny Charmander --> 20th Anniversary Jirachi, Harry Hoopa, M19 Volcanion
-Moon Ball Aipom --> Chymia's Gardevoir
-HAs Poochyena, Riolu, Minccino, Magby, Purrloin, Sandshrew, Natu, Bergmite, Cubchoo, Duskull, Emolga --> WORD12 Pikachu, SPR2013 Meloetta, HAs Amaura, Sudowoodo, Shroomish, Feebas, Absol, Buneary, Lumineon, Lilipup, Tyrunt
-HAs Gible, Bunnelby, Venipede, Pineco, Snorunt, Murkrow, Rufflet, Tympole, Tangela, Elekid, Trubbish --> XYZ Yveltal, HAs Machoke, Pichu, Bouffalant, and Carbink
-Shiny Deoxys, HAs Mudkip and Treeko --> Galileo Rayquaza, Pokémon Bank Regis
-HA Wartortle, Moon Ball Vulpix --> WISHMKR Jirachi
-Shiny Cottonee, Shiny Cubone --> Shiny Wooper, Shiny Gastly
-Shiny Giratina --> Shiny Vulpix
-Chymia's Gardevoir --> Shiny Eevee
-Shiny Milotic, Shiny Slowpoke --> Extremespeed Genesect, SPR2013 Meloetta
-Colosseum Pikachu, Pokémon Scrap Shaymin, Pokémon Scrap Keldeo, XYZ Xerneas, XYZ Yveltal, XYZ Zygarde, Hope Diancie, VGC09 Milotic, Aldora Articuno, Aldora Zapdos, Aldora Moltres --> Berry Fix Zigzagoon, Susumu Mew, Aura Mew, Ageto Celebi, CHANNEL Jirachi, MYSTRY Mew, ROCKS Metang, SMR2010 Jirachi, SPACE C Deoxys, SPR2010 Pichu, WISHMKR Jirachi
-10 ANIV Pikachu, Wish Chancey, Happy Hour Magikarp, Virtual Console Mew, Susumu Mew, Wish Bagon, PokéPark Regirock, Poképark Regice, PokéPark Registeel, Team Plasma Deoxys, Oblivia Deoxys, Sejun Park's Pachirisu, M18 Dialga, HA Present Serperior, Fancy Vivillon, Pokéball Vivillon, M19 Volcanion --> 10 ANIV Bulbasaur, Birthday Charmander, GCA Squirtle, 10 ANNIV Blastoise, Blue's Pidgeot, McDonalds Pikachu, Sleeping Pikachu, 10 ANIV Umbreon, 10 ANIV Zapdos, 10 ANIV Moltres, 10 ANIV Dragonite, 10 ANIV Tyranitar, 10 ANIV Celebi, Gamestop Palkia, Gamestop Giratina, M15 Meloetta
-Ageto Celebi, CHANNEL Jirachi, Berry Fix Zigzagoon, ROCKS Metang, Aura Mew, MYSTRY Mew, Space C Deoxys --> MICHINA Arceus, FEB2015 Darkrai, Whitney's Miltank, Pokémon Scrap Victini, Nebel Volcanion
-Pokémon Bank Regis, various HAs --> Uxie, item transferring
-PC Nagoya Magikarp --> SPR2013 Meloetta
-Various HAs --> Galileo Rayquaza, MICHINA Arceus, Nebel Volcanion, WORLD12 Pikachu, Shiny 5IV Gastly
-Shiny 5IV Lopunny --> 5IV Gastly, 5IV Fletchling
-HA Chespin --> 6IV Torchic
-Shiny Torchic --> 5IV Charmander, 6IV Charmander
-Harry Hoopa --> FAL2010 Mew
-Universe Diancie, M18 Dialga, Bank Celebi, 15th Ann Rayquaza --> PokéPark Regis, PGL Amaura
-National Championships Mewtwo, SMR2012 Keldeo, Scrap Keldeo, Masuda Deoxys, Wish Chansey, Hope Diancie --> Movie 08 Mew, PGL Delibird, Wish Bagon, Oblivia Deoxys, Doel Deoxys, OCT2014 Diancie
-PC Diancie, Dahara City Arceus, GF Darkrai, Aldora Moltres, Virtual Console Mew, Gamestop Suicune --> Bank Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr, 10th Anniversary Lugia and Ho-Oh, VGC Eevee, World Crobat, World Lucario, Jungle Tour Celebi
-Shiny Reshiram, Competitive Shiny Gardevoir, Tanabata Jirachi, M18 Hoopa, XY&Z Xerneas, XY&Z Yveltal, M14 Victini, Happy Hour Magikarp, Lance's Dragonite, Fancy Pattern Vivillion, Shiny Whismur --> Ageto Celebi, Colosseum Pikachu, Pokémon Scrap Shaymin, Aura Mew, Berry Fix Zigzagoon, CHANNEL Jirachi, MYSTRY Mew, ROCKS Metang, Space C Deoxys, VGC09 Milotic
-5IV Larvitar --> Shiny Miltank, 6IV Torchic
-HAs Ralts, Foongus and Sableye, Shiny Fennekin --> 5IV Sneasel, 4 5IV Eevees.
-Whitney's Miltank, Vivillion --> HA Present Samurott, HA Present Emboar
-GAMESTP Entei, GAMESTP Raikou, Pokémon Scrap Victini, SPR2010 Pichu, Harry Hoopa, Nebel Volcanion, FAL2010 Mew --> FEB2015 Darkrai, Susumu Mew, Oblivia Deoxys, WIN2011 Celebi, WORLD12 Pikachu, WIN2011 Entei

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