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Aleksander Clay
Current Location: Route 113

Humming a tune as I wander down Route 113, I tuck my hand into my pants pocket in search of something to chew on. Coming up empty in that department, I decide to camp out in the grass near the farm to take a small picnic break with Sir, whom I release from his pokeball, and Les. Rummaging through my bag with one hand for the pokefood I brought along, I stares towards the farmland blankly, admiring the view before me and silently wishing I had a camera to take a picture for Uncle. Needless to say, I certainly wasnt expecting to spot a white tail protruding from the crops on that farm. Hey, am I seeing things or is that a new type of plant? I mumble, more to myself than anything.

Woo-pa! I receive in response before Sir moved towards the farm as fast as his little feet can take him as I pull out the pokefood and serve it for the two pokemon. Scrambling to get up, I jog after him once I noticed my little blue friend took off from his spot.

Get back here, you little butthead, I joke as I pick up the Wooper. Jolting when I hear a rustling from the bushes, I kneel down and set Sir on the ground so I dont frighten the thing thats doing the rustling. Getting hurt on my way back home is not on my To-Do list. Scooching just a smidge closer, I speak out slowly to the pokemon. You can come out. I wont hurt you. Apparently, the pokemon didnt have the same intentions. Jumping out, the Zangoose makes a quick swiping motion with his claw and catches me on the shoulder. Well, apparently getting hurt is now on my To-do list, and I can scratch that- pun intended- off the list. Moving back quickly before the Zangoose can do anymore damage, I tell Sir to use Double Kick against the other pokemon. I was definitely surprised by how much damage that actually did against the poor Zangoose. This thought was short lived as the white pokemon turns to Les and uses Pursuit on the poor Litwick after it used Smog in retaliation for attacking me and knocks out my poor Les. Returning Les to his pokeball for easier carry, I toss a pokeball at the Zangoose now that hes weakened. Batting that pokeball away, the Zangoose attempts to flee despite the successful poisoning from Less Smog. Tossing another pokeball before he manages to get far, I let out a sigh of relief when the pokeball clicks to let me know I have succeeded in catching the Zangoose.

Sorry buddy, Ill get you to a center as fast as I can, I state to the pokeball in my hand. Cleaning up the food and blanket I had placed out, I decide to head back towards Fallarbor since I didnt make it that far before stopping to feed Sir and Les. Picking up Sir, I begin to sprint back to the town.

Once there and inside the pokemon center, I greet the nurse joy behind the counter.

Morning, Alek. What can I do for you? She questions me chipperly. I dont know how she can always be so happy, morning or night. Though, when she caught sight of my shoulder, she let out a sharp gasp in surprise. My goodness! What happened?

Can you heal these three for me, please? I request with my best smile-which isnt much of one and place all three of my pokemon on the counter for her, opting not to answer what happened.

Three? Did you get a new pokemon? Nurse Joy hums as she takes them, turning her back to me to place them on the machine.

Rubbing the back of my neck, I nod despite her not being able to see it. I caught him over on the farm pillaging some crops. Poor thing looks sickly, so I want to nurse him back to health. Im probably going to stop by and pay the farmer for the crops too.

Well, thats nice of you, Alek. But, make sure you clean up that gash before it gets infected! she scolds. Would you like me to clean and bandage it for you? Nurse Joy offers. I merely nod at her offer in acceptance, knowing she wouldnt let me say no anyways. Good. Moving around the counter after handing me my pokemon, she begins to help patch me up. As she does so, I look around the center. Theres really not a whole lot of people here right now, and I dont honestly wonder why. Its really early in the morning. Did you hear about the earthquake over in Slateport? Nurse Joy suddenly questions, drawing my attention back to her.

Yeah, Mr. and Mrs.Koller mentioned it before I left.

It wasnt too strong thankfully, but we still felt it, even here! She continues as she finishes up my shoulder. Nodding along with the conversation for a little while longer, I wave once Im able to make my excuse to leave.

Have a good day, Nurse Joy! Be safe! I call as I walk out the doors and release Les to check him over. How are you, Les? Im sorry about you getting hurt, I mutter, holding the Litwick carefully. Les lets out a happy sort of sound and sort of jumps around in my hand, if you can call it that. All right, lets stop by those farmers and then head on home. Im sure uncle will be surprised by our new friend.