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Villains of Grazia

Intro to Grazia

Grazia is an ancient kingdom, prosperous and beautiful with fields full of grains and grazing beasts surrounding its borders and gardens with a surplus of produce in everyone's yard. The sun used to rise every day over this great nation which many recognize as the homeland, but for years now shadows have taken root in the soil and the clouds have blacked out the sky. Magic still runs beneath the kingdom’s streets causing it to remain prosperous, but the God-King which had at once governed over and protected this land is long since gone. Grazia however has stood strong and stalwart behind its beliefs and values. Time, however, was not so kind as to leave it be. Whereas the rest of the world has moved on and advanced in this scientific age, Grazia holds true to its heritage and maintains all that which at once made it renown as the capital of the known world. Unfortunately, staying true to its beliefs and shunning technology from its everyday life has made it a prime target for villains in training. Thankfully though, it is also just as good of a starting place for young heroes to make a name for themselves and display their true abilities without the aid of modern technology.


The city is split into five different parts and still splits its populace among the varied walls of the city which allows them to easily denote the difference in social and financial standing among its citizens.

Outside the walls: The people who have settled outside the walls are an odd mix of both the most prosperous and poorest of citizens. Due to the prosperity of the city, caused by the magic flowing beneath its land, many people settle outside of the walls and live a life of slothfulness. The communities which have grown around the two exits designate one person per week to care for the city’s livestock which also gather around these entrances. The beasts which make up this livestock typically are enhanced by the supernatural properties of the grains and flowers which grow at the edge of the city, causing them to be much larger than typical versions of themselves found elsewhere.

Outside of the walls is also home to many merchants who would rather have a clear view of the oceans and of the paths leading in and out of the city so as to better flag down passersby and their weekly shipments which are most often brought by sea. Despite being among the richest of the middle class, these people often give up their rightful place in the center of Grazia for these small benefits.

The First Ring: The first inner ring of Grazia is the largest and also the densest part of the city in terms of population. The first ring is home to much of the working class which keep the city functioning. Masons, carpenters, sluice operators, and other such manual laborers make their homes around the edges of the walls so as to be closest to their jobs, whereas other skilled laborers such as blacksmiths, tailors, seamsters and other such occupations take up the centers of the first ring and typically will live out of a home built atop their business. Whenever a child is born into a family, another level will be added on to the top of the family’s dwelling or their neighbor’s dwelling in the case that another level would make the structure unstable. Given these circumstances, many buildings within the first ring have planks or ladders running between various levels and across their rooftops for ease of travel. Despite the conditions of these citizens’ homes and the overall lack of space, there is no poverty within the kingdom, and every child is given the opportunity to attend school at least four out of the seven days of the week at no cost to the parent.

Tests are given to the children every month which gauge their aptitude for learning and also for using any powers which they may have inherited from their parents or developed on their own. If a child scores highly in any certain category, they’re given specialized classes on up to three of the other seven days of the week to complete their academic schedule and prepare them to benefit society. If a child shows no great aptitude for any single subject, they’re pushed through their schooling at the requisite four days a week until their twenty-first birthday and then are expected to simply take on the job of their parents or accept their uselessness and move outside the walls.

The Second Ring: The second ring is different from each of the other rings of the city in that it has no actual housing within it. The second ring is home to mostly establishments for public betterment. There’s a great number of recreational activities to be found within this part of Grazia such as several different libraries, parks, play areas for children, and a number of publicly shared assets such as fire pits, wells, grindstones, furnaces, anvils and other such tools.

The second ring is also home to three of Grazia’s five police bases. Each of the bases within this ring are spread out evenly so that they can quickly react to any threat within the ring they reside in or any of those surrounding them. Officers with and without powers patrol can be found constantly patrolling the various gathering places within the second ring and are typically more friendly to the residents of Grazia than the officers working out of the other two bases.

The Third Ring: The third ring is the least populated area in Grazia (minus the second ring), and is mostly home to private tutors, military members, and policemen. Houses within this district tend to be much larger than those in the first ring, but are typically home to only a single family unit. Tutors will typically have personal libraries or collections of rare or antique items whereas officers in the military or police force typically have larger collections of power-enhancing tools and raiments.

Homes in this district typically have dedicated guards throughout the day, but are left in the care of their owners in the evenings. However, one of the five police stations is found within this district, it is mostly composed of the officers who live within its own district. Tutors will typically build their houses in between the homes of police or military officials in hopes of receiving free protection in the evenings.

The Eye of Grazia: The final ring of Grazia is called The Eye. It is home to the capitol building, which houses thousands of the highest ranking members of society. What remains of the royal family lives in the highest floor of the mansion - a single tower which looms over the entire country. The tower in which the royal family resides grows every generation in a manner similar to the homes within the first ring due to an ancient royal decree which was made to keep a constant reminder of the conditions in which some of the poorest in the kingdom were to live.

The Eye of Grazia is also home to the most powerful and unique users of abilities within Grazia. For every largely available power within the city’s walls, one user is chosen as its representative and are given a room in the palace and a seat at its dinner table. Unique ability users are also separated from the rest of the city in a similar manner, regardless of their power, usefulness, or other occupations. A large part of Grazia’s military force is made up of these representative power users, along with the royal guard who occupy the city’s final police station within the eye.

The Undercity: The undercity is a large and sprawling network of tunnels which exists beneath the city. This is where most of the crime within the city actually occurs as it’s home to the black market as well as most of the small time criminals which terrorize the city at night. The Undercity is for the most part ignored entirely by Grazia in that no laws actually pertain to the undercity, and anyone who flees into it can no longer be persecuted by the police for whatever crimes they may have committed above ground. However, there is a catch.

Long ago when the League of Infamy first came to be, it was decided that villains as a whole would no longer reside in Grazia. This benefited all parties, as young heroes could come to train themselves in the undercity by taking out the small time criminals which had escaped from above ground without worry of big time villains crushing them, and the young villains could also use Grazia as a training ground of their own without having to worry about big time heroes taking them out. Grazia noted the shift in power when heroes began moving into the undercity and taking over the homes of the villains which had once resided in. Now, knowing that a large number of heroes were to take up residency in the undercity, it was decided that the police would ignore the going ons down below as long as the heroes kept up with their practice.


Villains of Grazia will be semi-plot driven but will also throw missions your way in order to progress through this plot. Many things will be happening throughout the ‘weeks’ in which the RP will progress. Wrenches will constantly and randomly be thrown into your plans in order to give your villains hands-on experience within the villainy world.

For this RP, you’ll be playing as teams of 3 villains and move around the country of Grazia in terms of ‘weeks’ which will last between two weeks and a month irl (time extensions may be given, but no given week will last more than 6 weeks irl). Your time in villain school is expected to last between 2 and 4 months, with 5 months being an absolute max so that you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way once you go out into the world and find your own city or country to terrorize.

Numerous different villains from the League of Infamy have gathered together to donate a small portion of their time to you young hopefuls. These villains will be stationed in various parts of the country to run their classes rather than having a large gathering place for you all to attend. Each villains’ class will be oriented to different things based on their own rap sheet, actual abilities and the location of your current class. For example, among the inner rings of the country you may find yourself in a more hands-on class where you learn how to dismantle and dispatch heroes. Depending on your teacher, you may opt for more brute force options whereas others may choose to go into a psychological battle with the heroes.

Noting that the location of the class will affect the lessons that will be taught over the week, you can expect to all have different learning experiences as well as possibly running into the same instructor multiple times throughout the next several months but you should not expect the same information to be given as any previous class.

The Rules and Some Notices

- Follow all PC and RPT rules and guidelines.
- Be respectful to other players.
- Don’t up and kill your partners on the first day because of ‘inability to control powers lead to collateral’ or ‘im a super edgelord loner villain i dont work with others’. I’ll just end up bringing them back to life and they’ll probably end up killing your character to boot.
- This RP is rated M. That said, keep things appropriate. Don’t fetishize your gigantification power. Please. There’s enough of that already.
- If you do something terrible like murder hundreds of people for whatever reason, I’m not going to hate you - you’re a villain after all. But I will end up having to punish you in the name of realism.
- Be creative, and have fun! As I said, this is semi-plot driven but it’s still mostly sandbox so you’re in control of how you work in your classes and how you work with or against the po-po and the citizens around you.

Sign Up Sheet

As you’ll be RPing in teams of threes, I’m going to allow you to create two NPC villains in training to be your partners. Of course, if you don’t want to make that many SU’s, you can opt to only make your main character and then I’ll figure up a team for you before the RP starts.

Age: 15-19
Power: powers can be just about anything. Just know that it initially won’t be very powerful regardless of what you choose. If you choose something OP like creation try to give yourself some kind of limitation or drawback (think Momo from BNHA)
Personality: What are you like? Why do you want to be a villain?
Appearance: How do you look on a normal day?
Villain Costume: Include any weapons or tools you might carry around. And remember that your tools don’t magically endlessly supply themselves and that you’ll need to dedicate post time to replenishing your stocks - unless your power somehow bypasses the need for this.