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    Originally Posted by The Legacy of The Legends Creator :D View Post
    Im just skimming through the topics, and i havent read all of this one, but is there a topic to create your own attacks? is there a guide somewhere, if this isnt one, like i said didnt read it all xD </3
    By "create your own attacks" what exactly are you referring to? This thread is all about creating new animations for attacks.

    - If you wanted to make your own attack or bring in a Gen IV/V attack and the options in PGE are not enough, then you will have to learn how to Battle Script from Jambo's tutorial.

    -If you just want to make new animations, then you should read the whole first post of this thread, and then skim most of the rest of the thread.

    -If you want to increase the number of in-game attacks, there a couple of tutorials/researches for that.

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