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    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post
    So I've been playing this for my Nuzlocke challenge and in Flannery's gym I noticed two errors regarding Pokemon. Kindler Cole has a Numel and Kindler Keegan has a Slugma. Not huge but if you want the hack to have a better Kanto feeling. Also, after receiving Surf from Norman, who has a Blissey? Why? If this is Kanto only everyone should only have Kanto Pokemon, anyway, surfing across Route 103 and encountering a Pokemon crashes the game, you will be put into a battle against nothing and the game will simply freeze.

    The game is okay, however a few things annoy me;
    - The 3 Johto starters and Skarmory being available
    - Other Johto Pokemon such as Pichu are also available
    - Giving the Gym Leaders Johto Pokemon (Norman has Blissey)
    - Giving the Gym Leaders underleveled Pokemon (Flannery has Level 29 Charizard and Level 28? Rapidash)
    - The Gym trainers having ridiculous Pokemon. In the 2nd gym I think that the double battle between Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee is a bit overpowered.
    - Some Pokemon still have their movesets from when they were something else. e.g, the Meowth used by one of the children on the beach has moves from when it was Zigzagoon, knowing Surf, Tail Whip and Headbutt.

    I hope this doesn't come off as mean or something, lol. ;;
    First off, I put in the Johto and Hoenn starters as a little "bonus". Since there is no Hoenn Dex mons, it's almost impsossible to get those 6 in the game without cheating or trading. I know I tried to recreate the FRLGRBGY feeling, but still. Also, Skarmory...I don't know why. I'll replace that later. Also, I have no idea why I decided to give Norman a Blissey. I'll maybe replace it with a Chansey in a later patch.

    I do not know why it crashed at R103, but I'll say it was AM 1.95's fault.

    Also, I decided that Johto evos to be valid was because, well, here's the thing. Eventually, after a while, say you trained a Chansey. Eventually it HAS to evolve into a Blissey because of happiness. Thus, so. As for the others, I'll replace them with their Kanto evos. And the overpoweredness, I'll change. I'm thinking of changing Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan to Tyrouges, also. And I'll change the movesets.

    And Flannery's underleveled mons? Umm...I'll change that later. I felt like more challenge was needed. lol

    I'll try to fix those in the next patch (v1.1). Also, the post-game IS unchanged, except for Artisan Cave.

    Edit: Okay, I have no idea why Route 103 won't work. I tried editing them, and I could not edit them because of some sort of error. So, unfortunately, when you are exploring Water Route 103, I request everyone to use repels.
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