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MonoSpectator! Welcome aboard! I was on the same path as you in terms of Bronydom. xD A friend of mine who was then recently converted to brony got me into the fandom too after he talked and talked and talked so much about it. And now, here I am going all out about it. xD

Also, my cutie mark? A flower with binary numbers. Depicting my love for technology and computers.


Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, everyone! Watch that episode if you get the chance, you will defo get into the spirit of Christmas, Equestria style. ^___^

Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
I loved the recent episode. It also had a really sad reference at the end.

I really feel like FiM is maturing. Sure they can't outright mention death and other taboo subjects, but the subtle hints and the staffs' official confirmation to things like this prove that this isn't a simple kid's show. It's deep, subliminal and positive.
I agree. It feels like it's maturing. There's so much hints being thrown out to the fact that it's not just a little girl's show. Looks like they're responding to the open demographic now. xD

Also, anyone noticed the friendship letter Applejack was writing at the end of the episode? It's about time they went back to writing letters to Celestia! The last two episodes, they didn't have any letters at all, other than morals.
...& what's wrong with that?
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