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Originally Posted by CarcharOdin View Post
Can we look into this? Can the NRA also not be against it?

If were going to have people purchasing firearms for self-defense or even just for sports like target shooting, I think it would be good to make sure the gun in question is something only the owner and a select few people he trusts (and even then, not likely) can fire. Although it's inevitable that someone with criminal intent might find some way to bypass it, I think this can help alleviate the "guy-kills-with-stolen-gun" problem. I do think this is something worth trying.

"Some smart gun technology uses a Verichip which is permanently embedded under the user's skin in order to activate the gun "

Hell no. There ain't no way I'm gonna get some chip planted into my body if I want to go deer huntin'. All that's doing is turning it into a 4th Amendment problem instead of a 2nd.
I'm all for that high-speed finger print tech as long as it's embedded in the the weapon itself.
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