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    Daaha and all of the characters in this story belong to me. I expect everyone to be mature enough to not steal them.

    Here is the story of a boy with hair of gold.
    Skin of porecelin silk,
    and eyes of golden fire.
    Wanted by many is he,
    the prodigal child.
    In his radiance the sun wains,
    and the moon triumphs.
    Within the child of gold,
    a chilling darkness lies.
    A terrible secret that threatens life,
    and revels in blood.
    This child is hated by his kin,
    sent far away.
    Let him live,
    Let him live.
    Eight have fallen,
    Eight new scars.
    Each a name,
    Each a story,
    but now all ended.
    The terrible and beautiful child became cold.
    Tears that demanded to fall,
    to shed the horrible pain within,
    And the child dies within.
    And so his tale begins.

    The First

    I cannot say I knew Her well, for that would be quite a lie. In fact I have never even seen Her face. They tell me She was beautiful in all aspects of life. Pure, I've heard Her often called. I believe it too. She died before I even entered this world, unaware of Her fate. Many times I have asked to see a picture of Her, only to be denyed my simple request. I wish only one look at this woman I murdered. A born killer they call me, destroying purity with my first breath in the world. That man cries every night because She died. And of course he blames me.

    Silently I raised my hand from where it rested on my lap to run a tiny finger over the single jagged scar that was embedded on the back of my neck. I am only three years old, a fact that many find shocking. They believe me a naive child who cannot comprehend anything other then my own desires. Well, except for that man. He knows that I am much more intellegent then that. But, he thinks that I only think of killing and of pain. I think he saw me the other night. Almost boredly I turned over my right arm to look at the underside of it, only a few red lines remaining from where my claws had cut. Is it wrong of my to cut myself? Wrong of me to obey the voice inside of me that demands it? I listen to the voice because it is right to me, it feels right and good. Do they not hear the voice? Do they not need pain as much as I do? I cannot help but think that I am different from them. But, I don't understand why or how. They started to teach me yesterday. I'm very happy about that. Of course, I still will not speak other then to ask to see Her. That man thinks that I can speak more then that. Perhaps I can, but I do not wish to. There is really no point in doing so.

    I continued to stare at the several red marks that stood out against my almost white skin. They had been bleeding last night and now they are nearly gone. Why does the one on the back of my neck not heal then? Is it because I used the shiny thing to make that cut? I felt a small smile lift my lips as I thought of the pretty thing. It was so shiny and smooth, the edge sharp and the tip pointed. I love how it sparkles in the light. Of course...I am only allowed outside at night, so it can only shine faintly. This makes me sad. I want to see it shine in the sun. The shiny is as long as two of my hands, and it has such pretty pictures on it. They are much prettier then the ones in the book that the Others showed me. The Fluffy brought the shiny thing to me. The Fluffy is my friend. But, she hides from the Others. She told me that they aren't supposed to see her. Her name is Aiya. It's a pretty name. I love pretty things.

    Aiya is the same color as my blood, and I like her even more for that. I wish I were like her, because she has wings and can fly. I want to fly away from here with her. But, she says I have to stay. It makes me sad. Aiya hides the shiny during the day so that the Others won't find it and take it away. I like Aiya alot because she is so nice to me and when she is around I don't feel lonely. She told me that it's ok for me to feel sad and angry sometimes, because it is a way to let out my emotions so that they don't consume me. But, I only allow myself to cry in front of her and not the Others or that man. Doing so would make me look like the selfish child they think me to be. I am not selfish...or at least I don't think I am. Then again, I have been wrong before. What can one expect from a three year old?

    With a soft sigh I folded my hands in my lap, knowing that the Others would come to teach me soon. I sat patiantly with my legs tucked neatly under myself as they showed me to sit. It hurts my knees to sit this way, but I refuse to let them think of me as a weak child who whines too much. I have heard them talking about the other children in the house and of how spoiled and rotten some of them are. Once I even think that one of the Others said "Sometimes I wish that those little boys were as quite as the Lunari." This made me happy that I pleased them with my silence. But, then they scolded me for not answering when spoken to. All I could do was look up at them without a sound. They believe me dumb, or rather some of them do. There is one woman here who knows better. She is my teacher. Or rather "Ikikara-Sensei." I cannot help but like this person. She is not one of the Others, because unlike them she is intelligent. Sensei is very pretty and I really like her hair. It is long and dark like that man's hair, only hers shines and is curly. I wish that my hair were like hers.

    But, I think I like her the most because she looks me in the eye. Sensei understands me, and my silence. When she comes to teach me she does not speak, but rather, sits at the low table across from me and smiles. I think she is the only one who has ever actually smiled at me. The sound of the paper door sliding open snapped me from my thoughts and I looked up expectantly. Silently my Sensei stepped inside, her bare feet making no sounds which amazed me. The Other's could not keep the floor from making creaking noises like she did. When she smiled down at me I felt a rush of joy leap through me and I returned the smile. This only seemed to make hers brighten. Perhaps that is why I smiled for her. Her long, white kimono was identical to the one she had worn yesterday. Now that I thought about it, everytime I had seen her she wore a white kimono. I wonder why. Her hair had been braided today I noted curiously, that is before my eyes settled on what she was carrying in her arms.

    Without a word she sat down at the other side of the table and placed a book, several pieces of paper, and what looked like colored water in bottles down on the table. Curiously I watched as she pulled out two brushes from her sleeve, holding one out for me. Hesitantly I took it and looked from the thing to her questionably. What was she wanting me to do? She then went about removing the lids to the colored water, placing them in line between us. Then she placed a clean sheet of paper before me and before herself.

    " We are going to make pretty things today, little brother." She murmured in a voice barely above a whisper. It was the first time I had heard her speak. Pretty things? Brother? What is a little brother? Without another word she daintily dipped the end of her brush into the black paint. I watched her carefully as she did this. What was she going to do with it now? She slowly pressed the brush to the paper and I was surprised to see a trail of black follow behind it as she moved it across the paper. Every once in a while she would dip her brush back into the black and continue making lines. Then I watched as she dipped the brush into a cup of water, which quickly turned black. She then selected a bright red and made more strokes on the paper. Afterward she lifted the paper and turned it so that I could see it. My mouth dropped open and my eyes went wide. A bright red bird was standing out against the white with it's wings spread wide. A smile lit his Sensei's face.

    " You try.." She said softly. Carefully I mimicked her actions, only I selected blue. My hand moved as if on it's own will. Then I rinsed it off in the cup of water before selecting yellow. Again I rinsed my brush and picked green. When I had finished, I repeated her actions and lifted the paper for her to see. A blue flower, like the one that was outside. She smiled widely at me, something odd gleaming in her eyes. But whatever that was that gleamed back at me from her brown eyes made me swell with something I could not understand. I that I know was that it was good.

    " A-Arigato...Sensei." I whispered uncontrolabley.

    " You're welcome, little Brother." She replied.
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