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    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    How far in Brightbulb City? Like arriving there or doing every event there that can be done? Also do I use a Pokemon Silver U ROM to patch Beta 3 to? Oh and on the first post the map with castle says Viridian City, even though I don't think Viridian City will actually appear ingame. Maybe mentioned or lampshaded by an NPC... Fufufu...

    By the way is Suden another planet close to the Pokemon World or is Suden close to another familiar region (Kanto, Unova, Almia, etc.) or is Suden your name for the Pokemon world?
    Brightbulb City can be "completed" (in other words, you can go through every single event in there). Everything is well-explained in the downloadable zip-file (although you said you're not going to download it yet) but just pointing this out for others to know too. But yes, you should patch it to a clean Pokemon Silver (U) rom.

    That "Viridian City" you see there won't exist in the game and that part of Suden (East) can't be entered yet. It's just there for showing what East-Suden looks, that's all.

    There is one event in the game where Suden is mentioned as a planet in the game although I might change it later so it's just said as "world" or something else. Anyway, Suden is supposed to be a world inhabited by Pokemon and in this hack, no other region is known / ever even existed.
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