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    Originally Posted by theanhvn View Post
    Why don't you edit the map? The map's just the same as Kanto map and lots of thing you use like the fire red rom? Why don't you edit it. I think if you edit all of thing like FR. This will be a amazing hack.
    I was defeat Adrian today. Thanks for the great hack.
    Sorry for my bad English.
    I think I will have to agree to ya. Lots of stuff from the base rom were unchanged. But I wonder if DarkRisingGirl would do just that at Dark Rising 1.5?

    And wow, you sure are good. Well, I'm still far away from ya since umm. I restarted thrice (Man I trained that Adamant Weavile so harrddd, why DRG? XD).

    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    BTW everyone, Dark Rising 2 has a lot of Pokemon that wasn't in this hack and a good amount from this one as well. I've already completely inserted all of the Pokemon in it. Right now it's just in the process of being scripted and see where things'll go in it. It's gonna be more serious than the 1st one and bigger as well. Plus I promise all of the maps will be completely original and better layed out. For those who have defeated Max & Giovanni in dark rising 1, have you kinda got a clue on who's going to be the secondary enemy in dark rising 2? It's gonna be intense lol.
    Yah, I got it. Man that would be intense. XD But, could you add companions with that to make the battles double battles? It would be so cool playing with players from the previous games like Steven or Cynthia.
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