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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    How are you testing it in-game? You should leave then reenter the map to make sure your changes are made.
    Tried this too, still nothing. What irks me is I've been able to successfully compile and insert something into the script before. No idea if this makes any difference but here's that script:


    #org 0x16582F
    msgbox 0x817D80D '"Technology is incredible!\pYou can ..."
    callstd 0x2
    special 0x16F

    ' Strings
    #org 0x17D80D
    = Technology is incredible!\pYou can now emulate PS2\nand GBA games in HD on your PC!

    (If you noticed, I just made it so that he activates the event to give you the National Dex, and changed his lines for lols. He works totally fine) The only difference I can see here is that when I compile that the windows very small, but when I compile the givepokemon script, I get a box saying "Dynamic offsets: @1 @2 @3 @4 @5 @6 @done @name @start" with what seems to be a hex address next to each and a copy button to copy the addresses to the clipboard :/
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