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Alright so. :( I know I made a post earlier about posting, but I don't think it's going to happen. I've been not feeling so great lately and I think I need to give myself a little room. This has happened to me before and it started after I joined too many RPs and I think this is what's happening again.

I don't want to leave GoP, but there's another RP I was going to do with a friend and I'm trying not to bail out on them or anything like that. Please don't take anything the wrong way. :( This is really a great RP and I wish I could stay, but I remember someone else being eager to join and I'd feel bad for hogging a spot anyhow.

So sorry! >_< I'll have to drop out. Have fun in the RP guys, all of your characters are as amazing as the RP! :)
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