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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
Seeing as the next episode is the last episode, I'm going to hazard a guess and say that Andrea dies trying to kill the governor. Likely in the sight of Michonne. :c

And four people's enough for the prediction game. Anyone else wanna join, feel free to. Alexia, you got my permission. ;D
YAY, sure! I'll get right to work! Since there's no rush on this.. I'm going to gather a list of acceptable "main characters" for you guys to choose from, then you can place them in either the "died" or "survives" category, makes sense? (Cause anyone can list "walker 1, 2, 3....100, 101, 102" dies and then win the competition.) So I'll compose an entry form with characters to choose to keep everything fair. :D

**I had lots typed here but then I decided to reserve the rules for when I actually do everything. xD I will follow up with everyone on due dates and restrictions once I polish this idea a tiny bit more. **

And Blood, are you implying that DEATH PREDICTION COMPETITION isn't a cool name? Because the only thing that could make that name cooler is sunglasses. ;p lmao jkjk, I'll come up with something tight for ya. And I'll PM you with my form/layout so you can make any changes you'd like because you're the king of this thread! :D