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Andrea shouldn't have died. Totally ruined my Rick x Andrea power couple dreams. ;( Oh well, at least they're still going steady in the comic.

Love, love, love how Rick and the group took in like.. a hundred stray Woodburians. That's going to be such a mess. xD Kind of doesn't forebode well for Rick's step-down from power. And Carl.. wtf.

Any one who read the comics, I have a question... think they're trying to replicate when Carl killed Ben (who killed Billy) with this whole shooting? Because they do ring similar to some extent.. what with Carl using his own judgement in deciding who is dangerous. Plus, they were both the easiest kills for Carl sooo... I'm not sure they're /just/ using this to develop Carl's character in show.

Also, remember Rick's "you kill, you die" law? I love how The Governor stated the literal and polar opposite of that. xD

Overall, I've a bit 50/50 on the season finale. I mean.. I couldn't image it ending any other way but..

a.) Andrea is dead

b.) I still didn't get my damn tanks >:c