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    Originally Posted by Venomous_Zero86 View Post
    i wanted to put in the part of my game that explains birthsign would you mind telling me how i should word it
    I more or less summarized it in the first post. But if you want something more specific:

    A Birthsign is a special attribute a Pokemon may have that is determined by its time of birth. There are 12 different signs that form a zodiac, which correspond to the 12 months of the year. A Pokemon will inherit the sign that is tied to the month it was born in. Each of these 12 signs grant unique perks to the Pokemon with a variety of effects, and can even be called upon in battle to unleash a Zodiac Power if the proper item is held. Each sign has two corresponding "partner" signs, and one corresponding "rival" sign. When breeding, parents may yield better offspring if they share compatible signs. However, offspring may be of poorer quality if the parents have rivaling signs. It is impossible to alter a Pokemon's sign through normal means, but it is possible for a Pokemon to convert to a different sign if it receives a blessing from some divine force. However, once a Pokemon has been blessed, it may no longer receive a different blessing.

    ^That basically sums up the mechanics of the entire birthsign system in a paragraph.

    Originally Posted by Venomous_Zero86 View Post
    in a event is the scritp suposse to go like this pokemon.setRandomSign for a random one i keep getting errors
    Define what "pokemon" is. You have to actually define what setRandomSign is targeting. I just wrote "pokemon" in there as placeholder. Just write it out in the event the same way you would if you were to try and change a Pokemon's IV's, Nature, Shininess, etc...
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