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Note: This team (and game) I stopped playing as soon as I beat N and Ghetsis. I wanted to move onto Black 2 as soon as I beat Black so I could play catch up with everyone else in the 5th Generation. So the teams specs are not the greatest...

♂ | L.51
Nature - Careful | Item: Black Belt
Strength // Brick Break // Flame Thrower // Heat Crash
Notes: Starter

♀ | L.47
Nature - Docile | Item: Black Glasses
Night Slash // Snatch // Thief // Pursuit
Notes: Second Pokémon captured from the entire roster I have... the first being Lillipup (never used).

♀ | L.46
Nature - Lax | Item: None
Moonlight // Psywave // Psybeam // Hypnosis
Notes: None

♂ | L.48
Nature - Jolly | Item: Miracle Seed
Scratch // Cut // Grass Knot // Vine Whip
Notes: None

♂ | L.47
Nature - Naughty | Item: Sharp Beak
Air Slash // Air Cutter // Roost // Fly
Notes: None

♀ | L.45
Nature - Rash | Item: Lucky Egg
Signal Beam // X-Scissor // Discharge // Electro Ball
Notes: Favorite Pokémon, refuse to evolve to maintain adorableness and her unofficial nick name is Stacy.
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