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    lol okay now im not the only one whos asking so many questions :D now i feel better XDD ahm.. the one who asked how to change starter pokemon, it was already answered here on page 5 ^^ i have asked it before, if u still have the problem: go to scripts, scroll all down, the one before main (i think its pokemonutilities) and there u can change the starter pokemon, just scroll down slowly till u see the number 6, change it to one and the pokemon numbers to the ones u want.

    and i have a new question ^^ i want to create a game exactly like the original story (only with new routes and cities, the same name but they look different than in the original games...) and so i want to have misty and rocko walking behind me. i just made it with events, so that misty join me. and the running thing i did with move action - walk to the player. but it only works for one map. and when it came to a new map, then i have to do the same event again, where i step on, then the character runs behind me. but i dont have enough fields left on some maps to set it xd and then theres the problem with disappearing after i went with her to her arena, now i thought to use an item, that she gives me and i lose when she lefts, and so on..but thats soo complicated, isnt there an easy way? i think some years ago i found a script for xpmaker 2000, where this problem was solved. but there they where group members. and i cant set misty and rocko as pokemon to my group XDD

    and thanks for the encouter tip! i will try it right now.

    and that i also want to say ^^ i dont like all the extras in the last games like contests, breeding and so on. my absolute favourite game was pokemon yellow, because it was like the original story. but it would have been so great to rerelease it in color q.q