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Name: Iloveeevee

Your Trainer Sprite: Lance

2 Partner Pokemon(First a Dragon type, second from Dragon Family): Salamence, Gyrados

Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: Dragons are my favorite types to battle with, especially Salamence and Dragonite. Give them a couple of boosts and then Outrage to destroy anything and everything. Raging Mence has literally saved me many times from utter defeat and it is one of my ultimate favorite mons. :)

Answer Current Topic: Dragons usually have scale, rough skin. Which Dragon Pokemon do you think does NOT have a scale, rough skin?

I would think that Latios and Latias would have scales since they remind me of true dragons and I can't imagine them having fur or anything else. Tbh I would think every Dragon Pokemon would have scales. Therefor my opinion is all of the Dragon Pokemon would have scales. One exception might be Altaria since it does have fluffy cotton covering most of its body.