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Zayne Alta

Not long after Zayne had finished explaining the workings of the class and the first task one of his late comers arrived at the door
"Sorry I'm late. It's so unlike me to be late for class." Honestly, Zayne didn't much care if it was like him or not, but said student was still late no matter how he tried to explain himself.
"Late is late, you can come and explain yourself to me after class, one of your peers can explain the task to you since I have already done so and don't particularly want to repeat myself".
Guess I am pretty tough for a new teacher... I may need to work on that.

It was clear to Zayne that the majority of the class had not been expecting the nature of the class and painfully obvious that very few of them really understood the pokemon before them. It had been not even ten minutes when the first student began to pester him
"I'm finished..." Zayne raised an eyebrow, either this student was really good, a prospect he doubted, or they had almost no grasp over the pokemon they had chosen to work with, a geodude. Zayne took a single sheet of paper from the boy to discover that only a single, short and poorly written paragraph adorned the page.
Guess it's option number two.
"This is far from finished. You have only told me the moved your geodude knows, its ability and what it looks like. There is far more to it then that. You need to tell me every intimate detail of its appearance, its personality, its strengths and weaknesses both type-related and otherwise. As much detail as you can think of. I'll come back to check it later."

Zayne made a round of the class, several more incidents such as the previous occurred but the majority of his class seemed to have everything down. One student, the blonde girl who was studying the Snivy - which clearly wasn't her own, seemed to be quite distressed though. He figured he should see what was bothering the girl, he figured she wan't very knowledgeable on grass types.
"Is everything okay? Your name was Valorie, correct?"
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