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Zayne Alta

Almost immediately after questioning Valorie, before the girl could even respond, another female student burst into the room
"I-I'm really sorry for being late!" she blurted out "I promise it won't happen again!" Zayne looked up at the new arrival and sighed inwardly, he certainly had an... interesting class.
I guess that's my last latecomer then.

Zayne used the brief distraction to take in the other students of the academy attending his class, noting two of the student sin the back chatting instead of working and Killik looking around aimlessly, seemingly having no idea that he was supposed to show initiative and find out the task from his peers.
"Well you are very late but we can deal with that later. You will also be explaining your reasons for being late to me after the class has finished. Now as for you, and our other late comer who seems to have missed what I meant for him to do I'm going to repeat to you the first task - Please take a copy of Pokemon Analysis from the back of the room, then select one of your pokemon that will not take up too much space and using the book as a guide write at least a page detailing as much information on the pokemon as possible."

Zayne hoped he wasn't being too strict but regardless he found himself immersed in his new occupation and getting into the flow of teaching more and more every minute he was doing it, even when reprimanding students he was enjoying himself (not in a sadistic way, in a life is no longer boring kind of way).
"Now" he said turning back to Valorie "where were we?"
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