Thread: 6th Gen New Gen I and Gen II Cries?
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Interesting thread topic! I was thinking this the other day while playing HeartGold. In HGSS, for the first half of the game you only meet Gen I + II Pokemon, as well as some Gen II evolutions that were only introduced in Gen IV. What's funny is, the cries of all the Gen I and II Pokemon are strictly 8 bit noises, whereas all the other Pokemon's cries are significantly.. not.

With Gen VI on the 3DS, I have no doubt that the sound quality of the new Pokemon's cries will be immensely better. And if I'm honest, I wouldn't really mind if they updated the older cries, so long as they kept the general sound they have now. Looking at Pokémon Stadium (while that's going back dammmmmmmn far), they had more realistic renditions of the Pokemon cries. If they did something like that, but kept them a bit more similar to the actual Pokemon cries heard in the main games until now, then I'd be pleased!

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